DVD Review: The Skin I Live In

So that's what all the hype is about.

When this movie was playing at Cannes, the morons over at Fox News apparently spoiled the movie in their article. My co-worker (and unfortunate Fox News fan) didn't realize this and began to explain the movie to me, thus revealing the huge plot point at the end that is meant to be a surprise. Normally I don't care if I'm spoiled beforehand. Hell, I look for spoilers on purpose sometimes. But this really got on my nerves because it seemed so brilliant. I just have to wonder when I would've caught on.

Robert (Antonio Bandares) is a surgeon who's trying to engineer a new type of skin, resistant to insect bites and burns. He's marked by a past tragedy. He tests out his skin on the mysterious Vera (Elena Anaya) but who is Vera to him?

I have to admit that knowing the ending confused me a little at the beginning. This story is much more intricate, and I guess I was expecting something a littler simpler. That being said, it's an amazing story nonetheless. Bandaras is truly haunting. Honestly, my only gripe about this movie was I found one character, Zeca (not really a spoiler) to be absolutely pointless and only provided cheap T&A.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "You said that a year ago.." - Vera (Elena Anaya)


  1. T&A = tits and ass? Still want to see this

  2. lol. Yes, that's what I meant by T&A. Please do see it!

  3. lol at t&A! i wouldn't call anything almodovar does cheap because everything seems like it means something in his movies. but i don't even remember the zeca character (which probably proves your point). great movie, intricate indeed.

  4. I think zeca's character was wuite important to the story, he was like a catalyst to the relationship between the protagonists. Good review and I'm glad you enjoyed the film, it's one of my favorites from last year.


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