Indie Gems: Alex of Venice

Now what?

Alex (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a workaholic attorney whose husband, George (Chris Messina, who also directed this) tells her he can no longer be her "housewife" and needs time apart. He did everything around the house and for their young song. Now Alex tries to manage her fast pace job, her son's school work, her ailing father and her free spirited sister who shows up unexpectedly.

I complained a lot last summer about how some films tend to portray working women, mainly the stereotypical "don't need no man" trope that fell upon Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World. Alex could've been a version of that character too, but Mary Elizabeth Winstead elevates her above that. I think she played a woman on the brink of a divorce very well. She's not an absentee mom, she's just used to having help at home whereas she barely accepts help at her job. 

Alex of Venice could've hit a few more tropes than just that. Everything about Lily, Alex's sister is pretty typical, but the film is so enjoyable it makes it work. And that's something that I have to commend Messina for here. This film could easily be forgettable but his cast is perfect and he makes us care. He makes us root for Alex in every possible way. 

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Hey, what's up? You look like you have a mushroom dick and I want to sit on it." - Lily (Katie Nehra)


  1. Mary Elizabeth Winstead may just be the new Greta Gerwig: Indie Queen.

    1. Yep! That's usually how I find my favorite actresses too, the indie queens.

  2. This sounds like something I'd really enjoy. I can forgive a movie some overused tropes if the acting is strong and they make it fun.

    1. They really make it work here. It's on Netflix Instant, you should check it out. It's a short film too, Only around 75 mins if I remember correctly.

  3. That's cool to see Chris Messina venturing into directing. I've only seen him in a handful of movies but I think he's pretty underrated.

    1. He is, he's popped up in a few TV shows like The Newsroom that I've really liked him in too.


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