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Game of Thrones

The Wall/Molestown

Sansa is sewing away when she gets a raven from Littlefinger to meet her in Molestown. She and Brienne head off. LF swears he didn't know about Ramsay, we know that's bullshit. She details the abuses he inflicted on her and told LF "If you didn't know, you're an idiot and if you did know, you're my enemy." I liked that line. But of course, LF has to get in one last manipulation by pointing out he has the Vale army standing by, Riverrun has been retaking by the Blackfish, and that Jon is only her half brother and she needs people fighting for her. She should've had Brienne kill her.

Later, as Jon, Davos, and the rest of them are planning their strategy, Sansa tries to school Davos about the North when she really should've listened to him. She reminded me of Daenerys there in a way, thinking she knows more than she really did. The whole scene rubbed me the wrong way. I loved Sansa in the last episode. I like her in general but I hate when she's snobby and this felt snobby. Then she lied to Jon about how she know Blackfish has control of Riverrun and I do not understand the logic behind that at all.

She did win me over a bit when she sewed Jon Stark armor, even though I'm not so sure what the motivations are. 

Vaes Dothrak

In a very emotional scene Jorah shows Dany his greyscale and tells her he loves her, but he has to leave her so it doesn't spread it. She commands him to find a cure and return to her. It was so lovely and Emilia was actually very good here. Iain is always phenomenal. 

The boring Iron Born have their Kingsmoot to determine their new inept leader. Yara, who is probably the best candidate makes her case. The newly cleaned up Theon backs her, then their uncle Euron shows up. You know, the one that threw Balon off a bridge. He admits to this, says he's going to build a huge fleet, then marry Dany after "showing her his big cock." Kinslaying be damned, they pick him and Theon and Yara and some men loyal to then escape with their ships. Now Euron has to build new ones. 

Arya is STILL getting beat up by the Waif, though she's taking it like a champ. Jaqen sends her off to kill an actress in a play. The play happens to be of Ned Stark's beheading and poor Arya has to watch while everyone else laughs. When she questions the motives of this actress being killed, Jaqen tells her not to ask any questions. Yeah, this isn't going to work out for her.

Tyrion and Varys meet Kinvara, a priestess of R'hollor like Melisandre who is going to spread the good word of Daenerys after thoroughly creeping Varys the fuck out.

Beyond the Wall

Bran and Bloodraven are having a vision of the first While Walker being created. The Children of the Forest are responsible for creating them. The men were cutting down their trees and wouldn't leave them alone. It's tragic to think the thing they made to protect them from man became both of their enemies. Later, Bran goes back into a vision alone and sees the army of Wights, but the Night's King seems him in his vision and touches him. When he wakes up, Bloodraven tells him he's marked and needs to leave. He then pulls him into another vision as Meera scrambles to pack everything. Then the Wights and White Walkers show up. The CotF try to fight them off, Hodor is freaking out and Meera is trying to shake Bran out of his vision so that he can get Hodor to help. He hears her and sees young Hodor in his vision, so he wargs into them. The White Walkers enter the cave. Meera manages to kill one and she, Hodor, and Bran on the sled run off. Summer stays behind to fight the Wights and is killed. Dog whimpering, cue the tears for me. Then the Night King kills Bloodraven in the tree. Leaf sacrifices herself so that Meera and Hodor can move futher.

Then we find out the meaning of Hodor. There's a door at the back of the cave, He gets it open but the Wights are approaching. Meera yells at him to "hold the door" shut as she runs pulling Bran's sled. Bran looks at young Hodor in his vision who begins to have a seizure while screaming "hold the door" over and over, eventually all running together and coming "Hodor." Adult Hodor is then ripped apart by Wights

So Bran is responsible for Hodor being the way he is. It's devastating. Hodor knew his entire life he was going to die at this moment for the boy he grew to protect. He was normal before. This has been the hardest ending since the Red Wedding. To lose Hodor, Summer, and Bloodraven like that, plus Leaf and all the other CotF was too much. And to think how Bran is going to feel when he wakes up, he and Meera are alone, and he's lost his pet and Hodor who he's known his entire life. That's rough.


Thankfully Veep was pretty funny this week, I needed a few laughs after I got done crying over Game of Thrones. Dan became Tom's version of Gary which was hysterical. I did feel a bit bad for Dan after they made fun of him for his panic attack though. Selena also got some cosmetic surgery under her eyes and spent the entire weekend holed up in the Oval office with two gigantic shiners. 

My favorite quote:

"You look like a southern housewife who just burned dinner."

Agents of SHIELD

The two hour finale saw Hive and Lincoln dying in that rocket towards the end, Lincoln taking Daisy's place unfortunately. I'm just happy because Fitz was wearing that stupid jacket for half the episode and I was worried it was him.

SHIELD was picked up for a 4th season, probably because they're close to syndication, and I'm honestly not looking forward to more of the Daisy show. The ending jumped ahead 6 months, Daisy is now "Quake" in the papers and is robbing banks in some Robin Hood act to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Coulson is no longer the director and is trying to catch her. So more Daisy worshipping next season. Yay.

Here's the problem with this scenario. In order to be a good show, AoS needs to avoid situations where the viewers can ask "Why don't they call the Avengers?" Shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones handle this so well. They make mentions of the "big guys" but they handle things small time. Someone like Daisy taking down buildings and robbing banks is begging for the Avengers to intervene and it's not realistic that they don't. Then you have Chloe Bennett, the actress that plays Daisy bitching about the movies not paying attention to their show. Sorry Chloe, I know she's probably pissed she didn't get made an instant movie star after they cancelled Inhumans, but she can't barely hold her own in a TV show. She wouldn't be able to carry an entire movie. AoS is better when they focus on the actual agents doing spy stuff. Not the Inhumans. I hate how this show has some great characters and interesting things to say and lets it get muddled by their boner over the Inhumans.


I watched 208-210 of the superior Marvel show. The choreography in this is so amazing. Especially compared to Jessica Jones. I love how Fisk came back to manipulate the Punisher and those fight scenes in the prison were amazing.

I still feel bad for Foggy, Matt is being such a dick. But I love Claire showing back up. She and Matt belong together, I need them to be a couple, please.

I love how Karen, with no creditionals gets to essentially be a lawyer and question Frank, now she gets to be a journalist. If they would've mentioned her that she was originally a journalism student at the beginning of the series, I'd buy her getting a job at the paper. But some random with a good lead walks in and is given a job and an office? What? Karen's okay, I don't hate her character but her job situation is just weird at this point.

Rambling TV is a weekly series where I ramble semi-coherently about the things I've watched on television. This week was brought to you by my tears because of GoT. Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers. 


  1. Great reviews Brittani. I'm so sad they screwed over Sansa...again. Besides that one wonderful line, why can't they write Sansa as an intelligent young woman? If she knew LF had sold her to the men who were responsible for killing my family, there should have been more outrage. In the least LF should have at least walked out of that meeting maimed. If Sansa is going to be the embodiment of Lady Stoneheart, she's doing a terrible job. Come on writers.

    I binged Daredevil a while back. I found myself fast forwarding to all of the Punisher scenes. I've never been a Jon Bernthal fan, but he was a brilliant Punisher. My husband is a huge Punisher fan and even he gave Bernthal the thumbs up.

    I will be watching the Punisher series.

    1. Bernthal is great as the Punisher! He's certainly the highlight of the series.

      I don't know why they are so intent on making Sansa so stupid sometimes. They want to pass her off as this empowering figure but they routinely fail at it.

  2. Replies
    1. Torienne gives me life right now. I never expected that.

  3. I don't hate Karen at all...and I actually LOVE Woll's performance, but the character (or at least all the work stuff related to her) is kind of...the worst written aspect of an otherwise really smart show.

    1. It is. She feels shoehorned in the plot this season, and she didn't feel that way in S1. I really liked Wohl in True Blood, here she's not as impressive.

  4. I don't watch Game of Thrones but having this on hand would have helped Matt with his dentist this week - apparently it's the safe topic du jour when you're opening wide.

    1. lol The ending was about as depressing as a dentist visit.

  5. Ugh, I couldn't even read this without getting all upset again. This was worse than the red wedding for me, because I was expecting that, but this just killed me. I don't think I'll ever be happy! That gif of Brienne is getting me there though!
    - Allie

    1. lol I needed that Tormund/Brienne scene too. Even knowing the cave attack was coming (because I read spoilers) That was still hard AF to watch. I think it would've been worse had I not known.

  6. I am STILL not over that last scene of Game of Thrones. DEVASTATING. Thank the Many-Faced God we have Tormund crushing so freaking hard on Brienne to keep things light. And Arya watching that play.... HILARIOUS; girl, we've all been there! And Essie Davis as the actress she has to kill!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!

    1. Tormund perving on Brienne is probably my favorite fan fiction to come from this show in a while. lol

  7. That ending was just so tragic. I hated Sansa giving Jon that thing - it seemed like her lousy attempt to buy his goodwill and manipulate him when the time comes

    1. I didn't see it as manipulation when I watched the scene at first, but now in retrospect I can see it. I really hope that's not what she was doing.


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