Rambling TV: Thoughts on Westworld, SNL + more


While we saw episode one through Delores' eyes, this one we mostly got to see through Mauve's, and two new guests at the park, William and Logan. Ben Barnes plays Logan, he was Prince Caspian in the Narnia movies so seeing him in a threesome was kind of hysterical for me.

We got to know more about how the hosts dream. Or rather, how they're given nightmares just in case their memories don't get reset for the day. More and more I feel worse for the hosts and lost all faith in man kind. Especially the way Elsie was so nonchalantly talking about "these poor fucks."

The Man in Black continues to be a giant asshole, but man that shoot out scene looked great. That poor sap whispering to himself behind the table...that was a great shot. But that kid...she could've told him where the damn maze was about 2 minutes earlier, right?


Apparently Lin-Manuel Miranda has a huge following, but after that episode of SNL I can't say I'm joining it. He was pretty meh as a host, it was Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong who kept standing out in every sketch they're in. Props to SNL for squeezing the word "pussy" in there several times. 

I really miss Taran Killem. I feel like these two new featured players are just poor impersonations of him. 

Amanda Knox

I've been on a bit of a true crime kick, so I watched this documentary on Netflix. I was one of those people who thought Amanda was guilty when that crime first hit the news, mostly because of how she acted, even though I know grief is different in every person. There's no DNA evidence of her at the crime scene, so there's easily reasonable doubt. But I still don't know about her. This doc did the same thing that I think a lot of news outlets did: Ignored Meredith Kercher completely. She's the one that lost her life. Yes, the doc is about Amanda but she again doesn't talk about Meredith personally and they don't interview her family members.

The worst person in this doc though was journalist Mike Pisa from the Daily Fail. What a douchebag. He actually compares getting a big scoop like "sex or something" when he's covering a rape case. 

Other TV news: 

Agents of SHIELD skipped this week because broadcast TV is lame for the VP debate. I'm not sure who would've been worse to watch. Daisy or Mike Pence. I caught the pilot episode of Person of Interest and I can't say that it hooked me. I might give it another try as a late night show since I have to wait on my husband to start Deadwood.  The Walking Dead comes back in two weeks. The above gif looks so strange they should've probably re-shot that scene, but Nicotero is directing so that amateur shit will be all over the place. The entire internet knows who died already anyways, so while I was surprised they released this sneak at first, I'm not anymore. They're trying so hard to sell their Lucille line up and the spoilers have been out since July.  I rewatched a few of my favorite episodes of Game of Thrones from season three. And Now His Watch Has Ended, Kissed By Fire, and The Rains of Castamere. Absolute perfection. 

Rambling TV is a series where I ramble semi-coherently about the things I've watched on television. Obviously I didn't have much to say this week. Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers. 


  1. JESUS CHRIST THAT TWD GIF!!! I cannot stop laughing! :lol:

    I think Elsie at least cares about the hosts a bit and shows them some kindness but they really need to make people more sympathetic so far the robots are who I root for

    1. It's so bad! How is that the finished product, it looks too comical for that scene. Fucking hell, Nicotero.

  2. Last night's episode of Westworld ruled.... man, the Man in Black is evil but kind of cool in some ways as he is in God-mode.


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