Review: Ruin Me

Sleep out time!

Alex (Marcienne Dwyer) is reluctantly tagging along with her boyfriend Nathan (Matt Dellapina) on a "Slasher Sleepout." Part scavenger hunt, part escape room, horror isn't really Alex's thing. When people start actually dying, she finds herself really fighting for her life.

I tend to have a good time with slasher movies. Many of them start to look the same so I appreciate when one like Ruin Me comes along and tries something different. It takes the fun weekend trope and spins it just a little to feel fresh. It's also littered with humor. I laughed out loud when resident douchebag, Pitch (John Odom) chooses Chaos as his favorite horror movie. Is there anything douchier then someone looking at Last House on the Left and going "I can do that, and grosser!" I'm not sure if that's how the director intended that exchange to be taken but I got a kick out of it. 

This is pretty low budget so don't expect to be wowed by any of the special effects, but it's very well done for what they had. I'm glad I got the opportunity to catch this in theaters. Dwyer carries this film and I'll definitely search out what she does next. 

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "I don't think it's that kind of crowd." - Pitch (John Odom)


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