What I watched on TV in May

More social distancing, more TV. This is what I've been watching on the small screen in the month of May.

Six Feet Under - Yes, after years of saying I was going to start this. I FINALLY did. I actually started it in the last week of April but I already had so much written in my April post that I saved it for here. Over all, I'd say this series was okay. I found it a bit inconsistent. There are some characters in this show, like Brenda, Billy, Rico, and Ruth who I found truly so insufferable at times that I wondered why I was still watching. On the other hand, they had a few episodes powerful enough to move me to tears. The writing usually stayed true to the characters, season 4 when they handled a certain characters' death was the only time I found it questionable. I had heard for years that this show has one of the best series finales, and now after witnessing it with all the context, I absolutely agree. What the finale does here in terms of wrapping up everyone's stories is nothing short of incredible. Even if it wasn't the greatest watch at times, the finale really does everything that came before it justice. 

Westworld - I really liked the finale and am looking forward to next season, but this CAN'T be the end of Dolores, right? It wouldn't be Westworld without Evan Rachel Wood. That's the main thing I'm worried about. Also, HBO needs to cool it with the after credits scenes. The one they did here was so extensive I feel bad for anyone that accidentally misses it. 

The Last Dance - Like every other kid who grew up in the midwest during the 90's, I was a fan of the Bulls and Michael Jordan. Despite knowing a lot of things in this documentary already from various articles and interviews throughout the year, I really liked seeing it all laid out like this.

Insecure - Anyone else just STRUGGLING to watch Issa and Molly sabotage their friendship like this? It's hard. This season so far has been really good. I'm a bit upset that no one has gifed the absolute highlight of the season so far - which was Issa's dream sequence in Lowkey Done. EVERYTHING BIIITCH!

Run - This show was SO underwhelming. It got off to such a great start, then a murder happened and it's like the writers didn't know where to take the show after that so they included this weird subplot with a bumbling cop and a good citizen that runs into Billy and Ruby. It ended up just being dumb. 

I Know This Much Is True - Mark Ruffalo is amazing in this. I haven't read the book it is based on, but it's very heavy stuff. I'd call it a must see for any Ruffalo fans out there though.

The Clone Wars - First off, can we talk about Maul's hallway scene? The final season of this show was so good it made me mad about TROS all over again. It also makes me appreciate the prequels a hell of a lot more because they gave us this. I'm glad they came back one last time. It's funny in retrospect to see how Maul lives through all these crazy events when you know how quickly Obi Wan kills him in Star Wars Rebels. And I really hope we see Ahsoka again in future stories. 

Little Fires Everywhere- I caved and renewed my Hulu subscription and binged this all in a day. WOW was Reese Witherspoon's character awful in this. She was wonderful, don't get me wrong, but I hated her so much. She and Kerry Washington were both very good. It's the kids that really stood out in this series for me. Lexi Underwood and Megan Stott most of all. Pearl and Izzy were easily the ones I sympathized with the most, and both those actresses were wonderful. I liked how the show talked about privilege and how it forced the characters to examine their casual racism. My only gripe was how Bebe and Linda's story ended. It just left such a sour taste in my mouth. I know it ended that way in the book but it just felt cruel.

Mrs. America - I've been following The Film Experience's Emmy predictions coverage and they talk about Mrs. America a lot, so I needed to see what all the fuss is about. I'd hate to be an Emmy voter this season. There are so many great performances from women in this show to choose from. Ari Graynor, whom I fear won't get enough attention because she's not as famous as some of the other women here is wonderful and I really hope she's recognized. 

Unorthodox - This is a 4 episode mini series on Netflix that's mostly in Yiddish  is about a woman who escapes from an ultra-religious community in New York to Berlin. I loved it. I thought the lead actress Shira Haas was beyond amazing and is deserving of so many awards. This felt like the perfect length for this story too. It showed the perfect amount of her life before she leaves and how it isn't easy to start over when that's all you've ever known. I can't recommend this enough. 


  1. This season of Westworld didn't click with me while I can't fathom the idea of the show w/o ERW. That just seems wrong.

    The Last Dance I so wanted to see but I never had enough room in my DVR nor could I find out when it's on as I wanted to see that.

    1. I'm sure they'll bring some version of her back. My husband didn't care for this season either because it didn't feel like Westworld, which I absolutely get. It felt more like Black Mirror. Hopefully next season they might have some of the more Western vibes back and that will help?

      If you have cable ESPN had it on their OnDemand service. That's where I was watching it. They also seem to replay it a lot.

  2. Replies
    1. The Clone Wars is great, they got off to a rough start but it got so much better.

  3. We have been watching a lot of these as well. Loved The Last Dance in particular. Haven't seen Westworld S3 yet and looking forward to it! And glad you finally got to get to Six Feet Under - that ending really is remarkable.

    1. The ending was excellent, even if I don't love the series as a whole, I'll never argue that ending.

  4. Oh Westworld sounds hopeful! I gave up in S2 but maybe I need to give it another chance. My husband is raving about Clone Wars!

    1. I really liked the addition of Aaron Paul in the show. That brought it up for me.

      The Clone Wars is great! You should watch it


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