Review: The Future

Set against the backdrop of an Israeli mission to the moon, Nurit (Reymonde Amsallem) a criminal profiler who has made an algorithm to "predict the future" and stop eventual terrorists interviews a young Arab university student, Yaffa (Samar Qupty) who they missed. 

The Israel/Palestine conflict looms heavily over this film. How can it not? Yaffa has murdered Israel's Minister of Space and Tourism. Nurit goes into their interview with a thousand things already on her mind, and Yaffa isn't keen on sharing at first. She's calm, she's accepted her fate, and she's rightfully wary of Nurit. They both have a lot to learn from this conversation.

It's almost hard to describe this film because you really need to sit down and listen to these women. Much of the film is spent in Nurit's back garden shed, where the interview is conducted. And at the end of the film, I wish I was still there listening. It's one of those films that leaves you wanting more, but not in an unsatisfied way.

This is an Israeli and thankfully Director Noam Kaplan has no interest in demonizing Palestine. He does have an interest in the future, and how the ongoing conflict works against that. This is a fascinating film that deserves your time. I hope this is what Israel chooses to send to the Oscars. It would be a worthy choice.

Grade: B+


  1. Whoo! For a minute there, I thought you saw the 2011 film by Miranda July which is just fucking awful. This looks interesting and I'm glad to see someone in the Israeli side is trying to make something plays into their conflict with Palestine as that is a conflict that really needs to be resolved. Fuck Benjamin Netanyahu.

    1. YES I hated that one from Miranda as well. I think I reviewed it years ago.


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