Review: Spider-man: Across The Spider-verse

Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) is struggling with the weight of his secret of being Spider-man and his parents' expectations. He wants to go to college away from Brooklyn, and understandably his parents don't love that idea. Gwen (Hailee Steinfeild) is feeling a similar loneliness in her dimension.  When she joins a team of Spider-people across many universes set to keep everything in balance, her and Miles' paths cross again.

If we talk specifically about the artistry, this is hands down the best animated film ever made. Every single frame of this movie is astonishing. They used so many different techniques. From the classic comic-book look for Miles, to the water colors of Gwen's world, to Spider-Punk who literally looks like someone brought a Sex Pistols poster to life. I was just in awe of the animation. It's something I praised in the last film as well, but it's dialed to eleven here. I can't wait to re-watch it just to see what I missed. They took so much care of every single shot. And there's a lot going on. 

I love Miles as a character and I liked seeing him and his parents fleshed out a bit. Obviously as a mother myself, I really felt for Rio. Especially when she said she's been raising a boy, and now all of a sudden that boy is becoming a man. It hit me.

Into The Spider-verse is a hard film to live up to, and while this is a good sequel, it's not as tight as the first. There were parts that could've been edited down a little bit. The music in this, while still good doesn't have a What's Up Danger moment like the first one did. Still, I'm extremely pumped for Beyond The Spider-verse. It's going to be a long wait.

Grade: B+


  1. This film is right now the #1 film of 2023 and I doubt anything is going to top it unless Terrence Malick comes out with a new film this year. Still, I would compare this to My Bloody Valentine's Loveless as that was an album that really created new ideas of what guitars could do sonically as well as be this great balance of noise and serenity. I'm still in awe over the film and I just found out that the brief Lego sequence in the film was based on some 14-year old kid's trailer recreation of the first film. They brought the kid to help them with ideas of a Lego Spider-Verse.

    That's fucking cool. I have no idea how they will top this film.

    1. I didn't know that about the Lego part! That is so cool and I love that they brought the kid on to help. Yeah, this one is comfortably in my top 10 at the moment too. I'll be surprised if it moves.

  2. I don't know...I'm just not that into it. Maybe, one day but I have to see the first one still. I've lost track with all these superhero movies

    1. These ones are definitely worth it for the animation alone!

  3. I liked it waaaaaay more than I ever expected to. For me it still has some issues but it is a lot of fun. The ending had me pulling out my hair though. LOL

    1. Yes! I had forgotten it was a two parter when I first started watching, then remembered as I went along. Infuriating.


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