So how did I get here?

I became a certified cinephile when I was 18. Not many of my friends share the same love for films, so I was constantly online reading forums, fan sites, IMDb, you name it. Movie buffs are always so passionate, and even if you disagree , you still respect them. It's that unwritten rule that makes blogging so welcoming.

I wrote reviews in a few other places before landing on Blogger in 2009. This space along with Twitter are perfect for me. I've 'met' so many wonderful people and read some excellent blogs. 

How did decide on the name "Rambling Film?" Well, I'm not a good writer. I just ramble, so the name fit. Sometimes I wish I would've put more thought into it.

While you're here...
Here is a collection of posts I'm particularly proud of. Not because they're well written or anything (they're not) I just enjoyed writing them.

The Radio Flyer ending conundrum

Badass Movie Archers (This somehow ended up featured in a post on one of my favorite movie sites, Film School Rejects. I fangirled a little)

My Movie Alphabet (Mettel Ray's blogathon)

Cinematic Moments (Drew's blogathon) and a similar post from a few years ago

My Life in Movies (Fandango Groovers blogathon)

Fours Ways a Best Picture (A round table on Drew's blog that I participated in)

In 2014 I hosted my first (and only so far) blogathon about Favorite Movie Titles. I had a lot of fun with this and so many were lovely enough to join in.

Check out the master post here. 


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