Indie Gems: Dreamland

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I'm sure you've heard the saying "less is more". That phrase really does apply to this film. It's small, it was filmed in a small trailer park in the desert. There's not a lot of color or wicked camera shots, but it's the actors in the film that make it so interesting. The premise, dialogue, music, though small all speak in a big way.

The film follows Aubrey (Agnes Bruckner: Blood and Chocolate; Venom) she's just graduated from high school. She lives in a small trailer park in the middle of nowhere named "Dreamland". Aubrey dreams of being a writer, she doesn't have the ambition to go to college, although she's gotten accepted to many. One of her reasons is she has too many things in Dreamland to care for. We are introduced to Calista (Kelli Garner: Bully, The Aviator) she suffers from MS and rarely leaves the trailer park. Calista and Aubrey's days are often spent lounging in their hot tub, talking about life. Calista dreams to be Miss America, although she knows her illness will never allow that. Aubrey also takes care of her father, after her mother passed away he has anxiety attacks, and cannot leave Dreamland at all. Aubrey is just fine with the way her world is treating her, until some new neighbors move in. Mookie (Justin Long: Dodgeball, Accepted) is a good looking guy, training to play basketball for college. Both girls are attracted to him, Aubrey lets Calista have him. Though it's obvious she longs to be in her place. Is Mookie the one that will convince Aubrey she's more than she thinks she is?

What I loved about 'Dreamland' was how they turned such a simple concept into something so beautiful. Bruckner and Garner are interesting actresses. Bruckner may not be your average looking "diva", she's tall, she's tattooed, but she's beautiful and a tremendous actress. You fall into her world as Aubrey, and you root for her. It's nice to see Justin Long in a leading man role, since he's often casted as the nerd, the dorky friend, never the hot love interest. The dialogue is lovely, especially when we start to hear some of Aubrey's writing. The meaning of the film goes deeper. It's an excellent coming of age story. Surreal, honest, it sneaks up on you from out of nowhere and drags you in.

Recommended: Yes 5/5 stars.

Memorable Quote: "The only thing better than kissing on the first date, is almost kissing on the first date" - Henry (John Corbett)


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