Indie Gems: Waitress

Warning: This film makes you want to consume baked goods.

Jenna (Keri Russell) is an unhappy, yet talented pie maker/waitress in the deep south. She's pregnant with a baby she doesn't want. She's married to a husband (Jeremy Sisto) she hates. She starts to have an affair with her doctor (Nathan Fillon) and tries to secretly save money behind her husband's back to find a better life to herself.

This isn't an original plot. In fact, there's a lot of similarities to 'The Good Girl' and 'Mystic Pizza' to name a few. What director/writer/actress Adrienne Shelley did with this was add a lot of heart. She introduced us to some of the sweetest characters we've ever seen, and also some of the most unlikeable. I loved how the story was told with Jenna writing a letter to her baby. Instead of it doting over it, she's mad and disappointed. She's having an affair that she knows is wrong, but anything is better than being married to quite possibly the world's biggest loser of a husband.

It's a shame Adrienne Shelley was senselessly murdered before her finished product hit theaters. Most of the credit really does go to her. She took a simple plot line and made it something special. Her beautiful daughter even made an appearance in the film. She obviously loved making this, and it shows. RIP Adrienne.

Like I said before, this film has a lot of heart.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "I should stop drinking, because then I do stupid have sex with my husband" - Jenna (Keri Russell)


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