It's Robert De Niro's Birthday!

Going through Robert De Niro's filmography is tough. This guy rarely does wrong. This is probably my laziest b-day post because I just can't seem to make up my mind.

Happy Birthday Robert De Niro! You deserve a better post than this..

Favorite Film(s): The God Father Part II, Raging Bull, The Deer Hunter, Cape Fear, Taxi Driver. Instead of putting a lot of thought into it and picking one, I just picked them all. Seriously, one performance doesn't top the other. Raging Bull is probably my favorite film of the bunch. Although The God Father series is legendary.

Least Favorite Film: Off the top of my head, I couldn't actually think of a film that I hated him in. After going through his filmography I finally spotted one! The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. I completely forgot he was in that. I'm sure he hopes everyone else does too. Do you think this flick to De Niro is what Garfield is to Bill Murray?

Most Bizarre/Fun/Random: Hide and Seek. It's not one of his most popular films, but I liked it. Creepy Robert De Niro and creepy Dakota Fanning are fine with me. Plus I didn't see the ending coming. That's always nice.

Most Underrated: Wag the Dog. This was also a hard one to pick. I went with this one because even though it was pretty popular when it first came out, it's not one that normally comes to mind when you think of De Niro. He had stellar cast to work with as well. This Boy's Life also fits this category. There I go picking too many again..

Film To See: Heat. According to MovieNut14 this is one I need to see. If it made her list of favorite De Niro films, it must be good. Duly noted.


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