Tuesday Trailer Breakdown: Horrible Bosses

What will work: That cast is amazing. Spacey, Farrell, Batemen, Sudeikis, that's a perfect combination of top notch acting and great comedic chops. I've always loved when Spacey plays the antagonist. He flourishes in that.

The Rating. While an official rating hasn't been released by the MPAA (as I type this, anyways) interviews from the director and various members of the cast give the impression that it will more than likely be an R rating. In my opinion, R rated comedies are always funnier.

What might not: Aniston's track record. While she's obviously not a huge part of the movie her last few comedies have crashed and burned. Not to mention the character she's playing is extremely sexist. If the roles were reversed, and the pervy dentist was a male, we wouldn't be watching the same movie. Call me a downer, but you know it's true.

Random Thought: The last time we got Batemen and Aniston together we got The Switch. Here's hoping for something better.

When to see it: I'll try to catch it opening weekend. I have high hopes for this movie. We haven't had too many solid comedies this summer.


  1. sigh. i really wish aniston wasn't in it. this isn't really my type of movie, but the trailer gets me every time. especially jason bateman and colin farrell


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