DVD Review: Take Me Home Tonight

I suppose it's a better title than 'Kids in America.'

Kids in America was the working title for this movie when it was filmed way back in 2006. Being a big fan of Teresa Palmer, I've been keeping an eye on this movie since. When I first saw the trailer for this, it wasn't anything like I pictured. A quick look at the film's IMDb page says the heavy drug use in the film was the reason for it being delayed, I almost wonder if the licensing for all the songs they used had something to do with it at well.

Matt (Topher Grace) is a recent MIT graduate that for some unknown reason doesn't want to put his education to good use and get a good paying job. He's back home in LA working at a Sun Coast. Matt's always had a thing for Tori (Teresa Palmer) who's back for the Labor Day weekend as well. He's determined to get her phone number at an annual party for his high school class. Anna Faris plays Matt's twin sister, Wendy and Dan Folger plays his best friend, Barry.

One thing Take Me Home Tonight did well was really capture the feel of the 80's. Everything about the movie screams 80's, the hair, the music, the clothes, everything. However the plot is quite predictable and in turn it made me care less about the film. I was just watching it, not laughing, not being invested, just watching it play out. It's a shame because I enjoyed the cast, but after watching a comedy as funny as Your Highness yesterday it's hard to feel the same way about Take Me Home Tonight, no matter how much I wanted to like it.

Recommended: No

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "You were a loser in high school." - Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer)


  1. Yeah, I think a "C" is about as generous a grade as this one should get. I have to admit, though, I was expecting worse after the dreadful first half hour.


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