DVD Review: Your Highness

Quest time!

Prince Fabious (James Franco) is a hero, a charmer, and clearly his kingdom's favorite prince. His brother Thadeous, (Danny McBride) is lazy and somewhat jealous of his brother. When Fabious's new found love Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel) is kidnapped by the evil Leezar, (Justin Theroux) The princes must go on a quest to save her in this Renaissance parody.

Your Highness isn't a perfect movie, but I don't understand all the hate towards it. Sure 3/4 of the dialogue is sex jokes, but they're hilarious and do exactly what they are supposed to: make you laugh. I loved the one liners and the cast was hilarious. The special effects were incredibly corny, but it fits the tone of the film. I'm not saying that the movie is poorly done, they just fall into "so bad it's funny category."

The gag reel and alternate takes on the DVD are definitely worth watching as well.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Father, you cannot be serious! If you want me to go on to a quest then let's start with something easy. Like boiling a chicken, or beating off in front of a Pegasus." - Thadeous (Danny McBride)


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