What I got from Rescue Me's final season.

Last year I wrote a post about what I wanted from the finale season of Rescue Me. I wrote it shortly after I watched the season 6 finale, which greatly pissed me off to put it lightly. I'm much more pleased with how the series finale played out. I was getting a little nervous because season 7 started off weak, but I thought the ending was a perfect fit. Let's see how I did. Spoiler alert, obviously.

1) What I wanted: Jimmy and Damian to interact in Tommy's visions.

What I got: As it turns out, Damian didn't succumb to his injuries and was still in a wheelchair when we see him in season 7. (There was plenty of speculation last year that he might die) I was pretty disappointed that Jimmy never even mentioned Damian when Tommy did see him later on in the season. I felt Damian getting hurt was a huge deal, but the show didn't treat it that way. I did enjoy Johnny being in Tommy's visions once again though.

2) What I wanted: Tommy needs to be with Kelly. (Maura Tierny)

What I got: Yes, Tierny did make an appearance in season 7, it was brief, but it helped Tommy out. However they didn't get together. I've always hated most of the women on this show, but I enjoyed Kelly. I thought Tommy would've been happiest with her.

3) What I wanted: Focus on the men in the house.

What I got: They did focus more on the guys with the exception of a few episodes that were geared more towards Tommy's family. I always thought the playful banter between the men in the fire house was one of the show's strongest points. They were more than co workers. They were brothers, and they were at their best when they were together. On a side note, I thought the speech Lieu gave at the "funeral" in Tommy's dream was so powerful. It really described the relationship between the men well.

4) What I wanted: Shape up Colleen and Katy, possibly bring back young Connor in Tommy's visions.

What I got: None of the above, I'm not surprised. Tommy's daughters still manage to be two of the most unlikeable kids on television.

5) What I wanted: Promote Lieu, get him out of the line of duty and give Tommy his job.

What I got: In the finale episode, Lieu dies and eventually Franco is promoted to Lieutenant. This was ok with me. It worked. I'm sad that Lieu died, because I really expected Tommy to die in the finale.

6) What I wanted: Focus on 9/11, not Tommy constantly falling off the wagon.

What I got: Exactly that. What I enjoyed most about the finale season was that it brought us back to the beginning. Yes, they still talked about Tommy's drinking problem, but it didn't feel like they shoved it down our throats like they have in previous seasons.

7) What I wanted: Explain how Teddy didn't get arrested for shooting Tommy.

What I got: No explanation. This is one of the biggest plot holes of the series. Like I said before, the crew "lying to the police" just doesn't cut it.

8) What I wanted: No loose ends, wrap it up nicely and go out with a bang.

What I got: I suppose it was unrealistic of me to hope all loose ends would be tied, but I really enjoyed the final episode. I had to let it sink in at first, I wasn't sure what to think. Now that I can reflect on it, they really ended the series perfectly. I loved that final scene with Tommy and Lieu in the car. I laughed at the scene with Lieu's ashes. I loved the dream sequence at the beginning. I could've done without the ridiculous birth scene though, that was way over the top. Maybe its because I have a child of my own and child birth was NOTHING like how it was portrayed there. I think it would've bothered me less if I wasn't a parent.

9) What I wanted: Give Rescue me some love at the Emmys, Golden Globes, and SAGs.

What I got: It's still too early to tell. I think Denis Leary and John Scurti could secure nods. Hell, Scurti's speech in the last episode alone should get him some consideration.


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