Indie Gems: Lords of Dogtown

They came from nothing, to change everything.

Ahh Catherine Hardwicke before she ruined her career with Twilight. I miss when she directed movies like this and Thirteen.

Lords of Dogtown is a take on the now famous Z-Boys. Stacy Peralta, (John Robertson) Jay Adams, (Emile Hirsch)  and Tony Alva. (Victor Rasuk) Growing up in Santa Monica, CA they perfect their skate boarding on piers, empty pools, and where ever they can. Eventually they form a team, led by alcoholic Skip (Heath Ledger) and start competing professionally. Egos get in the way, and friendships are tested.

Lords of Dogtown is special to me because I used to love skateboarding. I never was the best, but I had friends that were good and I enjoy watching it all around. I was even fortunate enough to meet Stacy Peralta when I was a kid. The movie just feels real. You almost forget you're watching a production, you could just as easily be watching something your friend's shot on their own video cameras. Or you could even just be a bystander. The performances are fitting, some are better than others. (Ledger, Hirsch, Michael Angarano) This is what director Hardwicke used to be good at before she brought silly love stories to our screens. She shot teenagers the way they should be shot: Raw, impulsive, making bad decisions, and learning valuable lessons.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A-

Memorable Quote: "A logo, screw the team! I have a logo!" - Tony Alva (Victor Rasuk)


  1. This is really good film that is quite underrated and definetly little known. I think everything with Ledger is worth seeing, but Hirsch was good too and Nikki Reed, if I remember corectly she was in it too, was very good.


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