Movies With Bad Reputations

While I was snooping on Twitter I noticed two people I follow were talking about the film The Brown Bunny. I immediately thought; "wasn't that the film where Chloe Sevigny actually blew some guy on screen?"

It is, in case you were wondering. That's a horrible way to remember a film, but it happens. Some movies just have bad reputations. This inspired me to throw together a quick list of movies that have bad reputations. (In my opinion, anyways)

**Possible Spoiler Alerts Will Follow**

The Brown Bunny
Reputation: As stated above, the movie where Chloe Sevigny actually blew some guy on screen.

Reputation: The movie that was so bizarre that director Terry Gilliam actually had to explain himself on a DVD extra before the film starts.

Reputation: A porno with a plot.

Reputation: The Dakota Fanning Rape movie. (Even though said scene is about 20 seconds long and filmed in pitch black.)

The Wicker Man
Reputation: A remake that cannot be taken seriously because Nicolas Cage is ridiculous.

Reputation: James Cameron's remake of Fern Gully. And Pocahontas. And Dances With Wolves.

Dead Man on Campus
Reputation: The "are you fucking kidding me" of college policies.

Reputation: The movie with so many plot holes it was released direct to DOWNLOAD instead of direct to video.

Oliver Twist (2005 version)
Reputation: You let your kids be in a Roman Polanski movie? ( I know many will disagree with this one, but I've heard this joke enough to make my list)

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)
Reputation: You think 3 people sewed ass to mouth is extreme? I raise you 9 more..

Reputation: Hipsters: The Movie.

What movies would you add here?


  1. I can't think of any offhand, but this post is hilarious! :-) Funniest read of the day.

  2. Haha. What about American Pie? Reputation: A guy has sex with an apple pie.

  3. lol! i love this list. but i do really like Juno

  4. Ahahaha! I have heard so many bad things about Wicker Man!

    Aww, but I love Juno though :P

  5. 9 Songs. Margo Stilley and Kieran O’Brian have actual intercourse on this one. It’s more like porn than a movie.

  6. Any Michael Bay movie= Explode, Explode, Hot Chick close-up, Explode, Slow Motion Camera circulating people, Explode, Hot Chick falling down in slo-mo, Explode.

  7. @Bernard. That is so funny, I almost added that to my list, but I felt like I was only naming movies with sex. That's a good one.

    @Candice, I like Juno too, but I can't deny it's very hipster-y

    @Asrap and Josh, so true. So, so, true! I should've thrown those in there.

  8. I think Antichrist has a bad reputation too, in this case rightfully so.

    Also there are certain films known only for a little bit that's in them - eg. Basic Instinct. I wonder if people actually remember plot of this one :)

  9. Nice funny post. I would say June was more the Comedy about Teen Pregnency, but a nice idea for a post


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