Indie Gems: Red, White, and Blue

You know how they say some movies aren't for the squeamish?

Red, White and Blue is absolutely one of those movies. It shouldn't discourage you from seeing it though. This film is unlike any horror film I've seen in ages.

The film has three tragic leads, we spend the most time with Erica. (Linda Cardellini doppelganger Amanda Fuller) Erica has had a hard life, and she jumps into bed with nearly every man she meets. Except Nate, (Noah Tayler) he's also a wounded soul, drawn to Erica's cold nature. They eventually become good friends. Then there is Franki, (Jim Sturgess doppelganger Marc Senter) one of Erica's one night stands. His mother is ill, he's very unstable, and he learns something about himself and Erica that is going to ruin everything.

There is no good guy in this movie. Erica, Nate, and Franki all have major flaws. I stopped trying to see which one I could justify more. This isn't a "fun" movie to watch. You can't laugh like you would during a slasher flick when people run up the stairs instead of out the front door. There is nothing supernatural about it to make you jump. The film shows the downright ugly side of people. No morality, no humanity, no sympathy. That's what terrified me the most. There's people in the world like this. The film takes its time building up until the last 40-30 minutes when it gets downright brutal. I actually had my hand over my mouth during the last 10 minutes or so. The director deliberately cuts some scenes short so that the aftermath is left up to the viewer. While some details were sketchy, I thought it worked for the most part. The only thing that stops me from giving this movie an "A" is the acting/dialogue. Fuller and Taylor are good enough, Senter lacks a bit. As does the script at times, but in a movie like this, dialogue is pretty secondary to the point they are trying to make.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: (and possibly the most disturbing line in the film) "You have two choices: Would you like to live without your mommy and daddy? Or die with them." - Nate (Noah Taylor)


  1. Excellent review! I think you really nailed it. The fact that no character seemed worthy of sympathy made is nearly impossible for me to like this movie. But you're right -- there are people like this. And the acting and screenwriting were quite good. I thought Noah Taylor was terrific.

  2. Woah I never heard of this one, sounds great, I will definetly try to watch it.

  3. Never heard of the film, but wow now i so want to watch it.


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