Dysfunctional Family Cast-a-thon

The Flick Chicks are women after my own heart, I love dysfunctional families. (Probably because I come from one and it's easier to cope knowing mine isn't the only batshit one out there.) This new blogathon they've set up is a cast-a-thon! Here are the rules:

1. Build a cast for your dysfunctional family from movies ONLY.  You can have as many characters as you like but you must include the following:

Lead Character - Generally the most normal of the family and spends a lot of time rolling eyes or telling family members off for their bad behaviour.

Inappropriate Mother/Father/Parents - Usually involves oversharing, inappropriate comments, name calling, swearing, drinking and/or drug use etc etc.

Stroppy Teenager/Manchild - Either the immature teenager who hates his family or the fully grown manchild who struggles to accept that he is an adult and should behave like one.

Uncomfortable Stranger - Usually a new girlfriend/boyfriend of someone in the family who is utterly appalled by the behaviour of the family they are staying with/meeting.

Traumatised Child - This is usually always a small child who has to witness the craziness of their family first hand and behaves in a certain way because of it.

Embarrassing Grandparent(s) - Whether alone or with their equally awkward spouse, you can always count on them to say or do something that mortifies the rest of the family.

Damaged Sibling/Cousin - Whether they have gone off the rails due to their messed up childhood or have just lost their way in life, there is always the sibling/cousin who doesn't quite feel they match up to the rest of their family.

Loyal Pet [Optional] - Despite their entirely dysfunctional family, the lead character can always rely on their loyal pet. Or can they?

They don't necessarily have to be in the named role in their original movie (i.e. the character doesn't have to be a mother figure in their movie to be chosen as the inappropriate mother) however you do have to explain your reasoning behind your choice.

2.  Include the banner above in your post and link it to this post.

3. Comment on this post or e-mail flickchicks2014@gmail.com to let us know you have contributed. 

Here is goes...

Lead character (the normal one) - Gilbert from What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Inappropriate parents - Lester and Carolyn from American Beauty

Uncomfortable stranger - Iris from Your Sister's Sister.  

Traumatized child - Cid from Looper

Embarrassing grandparent - Grandmother from Flowers in the Attic

Damaged sibling - Kelly from 2:37

Loyal pet - Arthur from Beginners.

Manchild - Cyrus from Cyrus

The setting would be Lester and Carolyn pretty much being themselves from American Beauty. Gilbert, their oldest son is 100% done with his parents at this point. Kelly, the middle child feels that no one loves her because her parents are always fighting, Gilbert has left, and Cid, her little brother is too young to lean on and is prone to anger. Gilbert's girlfriend Iris thinks everyone is crazy but doesn't do much to help. Grandmother is so bible thumping insane that she has been locked in the attic. The only other family member in town is Uncle Cyrus, but sometimes even Cid is more mature than he is. In the end, Cid taps into his TK powers and blows everyone up to lead a relatively more normal life with the adorable family dog, Arthur. fin.

Can you handle that fucked up-ness? 


  1. Wow. What an interesting bunch. Extra props for choosing Cid from Looper. Love that movie, but I forgot about him. Gotta get mine done. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. haha. You're welcome, and you're right. Looper is awesome.

  2. Great list, quite a varied set of characters! I like pets in movies (I don't know how dog owners can make their dogs behave so my ideal pet is a movie pet) so loved your pick for loyal pet.

    1. Arthur was one of my favorite things about Beginners.

  3. I haven't seen 2:37 or Cyrus, but awesome picks! It's hard to top Lester and Carolyn and Crazy Religious Fanatic Grandma from Flowers in the Attic.

  4. I think I'd be all in for checking this movie out. Any more time with Lester from AB would be appreciated.

    I really, really need to see Looper.

  5. This is such an amazing entry. I would pay to see this movie! :D

  6. AMAZING!!! I really do want to see this movie haha! Thank you so much for contributing, i'm really looking forward to putting the contributions post together now!! :-)
    - Jen

  7. Hah...I love that you turn the tables with the grandmother.

    1. She's pretty batshit, I think she's a good fit. lol

  8. https://sarahblogger94.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/dysfunctional-family-cast-a-thon/

    I wrote one! :)

  9. Nice. I want to see a movie about that family!

    1. Ha, thank you. I tried to put as much fucked up-ness in there as I could.


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