Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul + more

Okay Daryl, now you have to initiate the next one.

The Walking Dead did something shocking you guys, fucking SHOCKING. They passed the Bechdel test!

A lot of the episode was focused on Sasha and Maggie and their grief losing their siblings:

Michonne and Carol had this little moment:

Then Rosita and Tara had this one:

Maggie and Carol spoke to each other for the first time since season 2 (though they did share a group scene in S3)

More of my favorites Carol and Michonne

You guys, TWD NEVER lets the females bond or talk to each other! This was progress. And they finally showed weather on this show so that's about time.

Aaron, a popular comic character finally showed up. The only problem I had with this episode was the excessive Daryl man pain Sasha and Maggie being broken up about this makes sense, and to an extent, Daryl's does too. Beth was a kid that he lost because he made a stupid mistake, but did we need that much of him moping? I know the general audience (and AMC) love their brooding cash cow, but this was just too much. At least it was Carol that kind of gave him a pep talk.

Also Judith is turning into Benjamin Button, right? That kid is aging backwards.

Better Call Saul let us see Tuco in all his bat shit glory. I missed that. Saul negotiating broken legs for his clients was priceless. This show also depresses me in a way because damn, do I miss Breaking Bad.

Agent Carter is also got pretty real last week. Peggy's outed to her fellow agents just when she was starting to get their respect. She's about to be interrogated. I just want her to save the day and have all her male colleagues bow down to her greatness.

Also that scene with Angie fake crying and asking Thompson his grandmother's name was the most unintentionally hilarious thing I've seen on TV all week. "Gam Gam."

19 Kids and Counting is back this week, Brace yourselves. Snark is coming!

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  1. I love Daryl, so I am always appy to see him and all the characters really lol. But great to see the women bonding. I think each character has almost reached their breaking point.

    1. I feel like AMC and Norman Reedus kind of ruined him for me. I still like his character, just not as much as I used to.

  2. Just watched the new Walking Dead. I am constantly impressed lately with the changes going on. This may actually be turning into a real drama series. By that, I mean that there is finally some branching out as far as narrative and character are concerned.

  3. Ooh, snark! I can't wait. :-) I love your essay about the Bechdel test. I really need to catch up on TWD. It sounds like it's been getting better. And I am pleasantly surprised to hear that Better Call Saul is actually good.

    1. TWD is getting a little better, they still have episodes were they're absolutely terrible. But I'm addicted. I can't stop.

      Better Call Saul is great!

  4. I laughed my ass off when I heard Agent Thompson admit that he called his grandmother "Gam-Gam". That was the best episode of the series so far... everyone is on their A-game. I love Lyndsy Fonesca's performance in that episode as I hope to see more of her. That scene with the Russian doctor and Carter's boss where Dottie was holding the gun.... the doctor is played by the guy who was the sheriff in Stoker. That kiss between Peggy and Dottie was... very sexy. I feel sorry for Jarvis getting slapped. I am so in love with this show. Not since Spartacus have I gotten so excited for something like this.

    1. Yes! I'm loving this as well. Really looking forward to tonight's episode. I hope they pick this up for another season.

  5. When Daryl started crying...I was like no...you're already dehydrated enough. Plus I think a few days have passed since Beth's death, I'd think he'd gone passed the crying stage.

    1. A whooping 3 weeks have passed since then. Sasha and Maggie have an excuse but Daryl shouldn't be taking screen time from them. Yes, she was a child and a symbol of hope, but lets be real, they were together for 3 days, tops.


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