Indie Gems: The Harvest

Tis the season

I figured I'd kick off October with a fall themed Indie Gem. The Harvest follows a sick boy named Andy. (Love is Strange's Charlie Tahan) He's never gone to school, his controlling mother Katherine (Samantha Morton) never lets him out of the house while his timid father Richard (Michael Shannon) stays with him during the day. Maryann (Natasha Calis) who has been recently orphaned moves nearby with her grandparents (Peter Fonda and Leslie Lyles) and strikes up a friendship with Andy after curiously peering through his window. But Katherine doesn't like Andy having friends..

I kind of love this cast. Morton is scary as Katherine. 
She micromanages everything and you're afraid of what will happen if she snaps. Shannon is very subdued. I'm so used to him playing "quietly psycho" that I almost wish he would've completed freaked out on Katherine. This is the same guy who killed people on Boardwalk Empire when he was angry. The kids show promise, even though they're not the strongest players here. 

The film builds well, although it's a little obvious where it will go. The atmosphere is perfect for this time of year. It does wade into corny B movie territory at times, mostly due to Maryann's grandparents who are hands down the most ridiculous adults I've ever seen. There's a scene with them towards the end that is so jarringly stupid that it nearly derails the entire film. Let's just say it's the worst timing ever for a platitude.

My overall grade drops a bit because of that scene, but any fan of Morton or Shannon should give this a watch. Or anyone that likes a light thriller/mystery.

Grade: C+ 

Memorable Quote: "Did she say why she doesn't like me?" - Maryann (Natasha Calis)


  1. UGH, I love Morton and need to see this...which I've never heard of...for her!

    1. It's on Netflix Instant. I wanted to punch her in the face so badly, which means she was doing a great job. lol

  2. Haven't heard of this one. I'm game since Michael Shannon is in it.

  3. Looks like I can skip this one, which was my first reaction when it popped up on Netflix. ;)


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