Rambling TV: Thoughts on Fear The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD + more

Fear the Walking Dead

* So the final episode of the season, while strong and well acted ended up being extremely predictable. I knew as soon as I saw the casting for Liza that she would eventually die. The actress is already a regular on Orange is the New Black, so that part I was expecting to be obvious. But Travis letting the soldier go, then for said soldier to come back and screw everything up? Come on. Everyone saw that coming. Travis will hopefully toughen up next season, because he's still being the Lori of this show. (Only even more unlikable. Though not as much as Chris though, fuck that kid)

I'm not sure how excited I am for season 2. The interesting part for me was how the military handled everything, and what the first few weeks were like. If they're swiftly moving past that, it's only going to be The Walking Dead part 2.

Agents of SHIELD.

* For the season opener, Sky is now going by her real name, "Daisy" and the characters each say her name several times throughout so the audience remembers. They also want to show she means sexy business because her go to clothes for explaining what's happening to a new Inhuman are a tank top and a wonder bra. (I wouldn't call out something like that if it wasn't so obvious)

Bobbi is in the lab rehabbing her knee, Coulson is still trying to get used to have a fake hand. and Fitz is trying to trace down leads on how to get Simmons out of that gigantic rock. Iain De Caestecker was the highlight of the episode again. It seems Fitz has gone from a helpless nerd to a very determined man during the off season. Though I swear if he and Simmons don't get reunited AND start making out ASAP I'm going to kill someone.

No May or Ward in this episode, but we did get to see some weird blue mohawk monster. It seems this season is going to follow the Inhumans closely, which is kind of a shame because the most interesting thing about Agents of SHIELD to me was the actual non super heroes. We already have that in the Avengers. Daisy is also still the show's weakest actress and having her lead even more than Coulson is a mistake. 

Episode 2 - Ward is still off trying to peice together Hyrda and getting on with his bad self. Hunter tries to get May to come back to SHIELD. But the big part is the rest of the team decides to stop treating Fitz like a child when it comes to the portal once he actually figures out how to get through it. Of course Daisy had to use her powers to help, because it's all about her, but the end result was Jemma coming back and her and Fitz were ADORABLE. And she cuddled up to him after she woke up from a nightmare afterwards. This is all I care about, it was so cute! Nothing cute has happened for any of my ships since Jaime caught a glimpse of Tarth on Game of Thrones. 

Mr. Robot

*Did I mention I binged this show and it was amazing? Because it is. I can't wait for season two. 

Boycott TLC

So TLC losing the last ounce of dignity they had decided it would be okay to put the Duggars back on the air. They're airing a few specials centered around their boring, smug older daughters Jill and Jessa. You know, the ones that got on Fox News and minimized sexual abuse? Jessa is currently preaching hell fire and brimstone on Instagram while Jill is pretending to be a missionary and a midwife in El Salvador. I say pretending because they're not helping anyone there. They're attempting to turn Catholics into Evangelicals and she's acting like her lay midwife certificate is equal to that of a doctor. (It it's, lay midwives can't even practice in certain states/countries and has some of the shoddiest requirements I've ever seen) Will I be watching? Hell no. I'll read a recap to snark at Free Jinger, but I'm never turning on TLC again. It isn't okay to back people who not only enabled sexual abuse but tried to downplay it as "mild inappropriate touching." Jill and Jessa don't get to fall under the "they're victims" blanket because they see themselves only as victims of media and nothing else. They need to step away from that cult, get actual therapy, and attempt to have an original thought about all of this. Maybe then they will realize the damage they did when they shrugged off what their younger sisters went through.

Next week brings the return of The Walking Dead and Fargo!


  1. I don't know what to make of Fear the Walking Dead. I really wanted to like but this first season moved too quickly. It didn't have enough of the flu epidemic nor the military taking control or the doctors separating people. I agree, if the group is stranded, it can easily become The Walking Dead Part 2.

    1. I agree that it went by too quickly. I hope they continue to kind of focus more on the military aspect, but I don't think they will. I don't want them to get to the point where TWD is because it will become a carbon copy.

  2. I think Fear the Walking Dead is awful. Not a big fan of Walking Dead either, but this one is just waste of time.

    I loved Mr. Robot too. Especially the pilot, which is probably the best directed first episode I have ever seen. And Rami Malek is so freakishly perfect.

    1. He's really great for this role, and it's nice to see Slater back doing something. Hopefully this doesn't get cancelled after 2 seasons like his other shows. That would suck.


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