Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Fargo, and Agents of SHIELD

The Walking Dead

I didn't talk about last week's season premiere. It was a solid episode with good character moments, but I was ultimately very underwhelmed for a season premiere. I thought director Greg Nicotero tried way too hard to be Ingmar Bergman and failed pretty spectacularly. The use of black and white to distinguish past and present ended up washing everything out and the gimmick certainly overstayed it's welcome.

Now episode two...holy. shit.

I knew going in that Rick wasn't in it, and usually that takes the episode down a notch for me, but it was expertly shot and I loved the action. Carol is FINALLY out of the Suzy Homemaker get up! She kicked ass. I also loved Maggie's scenes with Deanna and seeing Tara and Rosita get to do a few things as well. Merritt Weaver is going to be a great addition as Denise.

Morgan's philosophy is a bit annoying, and letting those wolves go is going to come back and bite everyone in the ass. But I just loved this episode. 


I wonder if Jeffrey Donovan's character's accent is going to disappear in this like it does all his other films?

Keiran Culkin was the stand out for me, the show got off to a good start, though I can already tell Kirsten Dunst's character is going to drive me crazy. My biggest issue was how fucking all over the place the direction was. It had some cool camera angles, but then it felt like it was just checking off a list of stylish approaches. Split screen? Check. Random fade to blacks? Check. POV view camera? Check. 

Agents of SHIELD.


Okay, enough fangirling, but they were the highlight of this episode. They were so cute. Simmons is obviously very disturbed about where she just came from, and she needs to answers. She tells everyone else she'd like to listen to them, but she actually talks to Fitz about what happened, even if it's not in great detail. And they kept their dinner reservation.

May kicking ass never gets old. I love that so much. 

Lincoln though, everything with his story was predictable. You could see where it would go from a mile away and Daisy talking back to Coulson was getting annoying. Daisy, you're a hacker. Coulson's the director of SHIELD. Know your role, and shut your moth. 


  1. I am so tired of The Walking Dead and have no care to see any of the shows. I have not seen Fargo but heard it is good. I did watch most of the first season but became bored with it. Now it looks like they got rid of almost all the characters that were in the first season. I don't even see the Asian kick-ass gal in there.

    1. Yes, this series of Fargo takes place about 30 years before. It focuses on Molly's dad and a murder investigation they reference in the first series. It's very good.

      TWD can get tiring, I almost gave up in season 4. lol

  2. I hated the Walking Dead premiere but this episode was visceral as hell. The absence of Rick brought it down a notch for me as well but just loved how visceral this episode was overall.

    Already liking Fargo Season 2 more than Season 1

    1. I prefer 601 to 602 a great deal, even with Rick not being there.

      I'm not sure I like S2 of Fargo better than S1 yet. I'll need to watch more, the first season was really good.

  3. Oh no! I don't want Kiki to be an aggravation...she's my main motivation behind watching Fargo, although I haven't caught up with it yet.

    1. She's better in episode 2, she comes off as more dim now then annoying, and I'm very thankful for that because I've loved Kirsten Dunst since I was a kid. She's always been a favorite of mine.


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