My Movie Alphabet Part Two

Mettel Ray's "My Movie Alphabet" is what lead me to her wonderful blog in the first place. I had a great time participating and now she's hosting another one! Head over to her blog for a full list of rules. Like she suggested, I didn't look at my original alphabet before posting. I had 5 1/2 repeats. (Yes, I'm counting the X-Men one as a half because I just used a different X-Men film) Most of them being my long time favorite actors. I did bend Mettel's rules quite a bit in the last one so actually following them this time around probably helped. 

Here's my new alphabet. I apologize if some of the photos are blurry, I actually ended up doing most of this on my phone so I'd meet the deadline.

((500) Days of Summer, 10 Things I Hate About You, 50/50)

(Amy Adams, Adam Driver, Arrival, Anton Yelchin)

(Brie Larson, Brad Pitt, Brick, Brooklyn)

(Captain America: Civil War, Cronenberg, David, Colin Farrell, Christine)

(Dreamland, Danai Gurira,the Dark Knight)

(Evan Rachel Wood, Ellen Page, Ezra Miller)

(Franco, James, Factory Girl, Freeman, Morgan)

(God Help The Girl, Gangs of New York, Gone Girl, Green Room)

(Harry Potter, the Handmaiden, Her, How To Train Your Dragon 2)

(Idris Elba, In Bruges, Inception, Infinitely Polar Bear)

(Jaws 2, Jurassic Park, Jackie, Jesse Eisenberg)

(Kidman, Nicole, Kill Bill vol 1, Kids Are All Right, Kate Winslet)

(Lord of the Rings, Lion, Looper, Laura Linney)

(Mahersala Ali, Michael Kenneth Williams, Moonrise Kingdom, Mad Max: Fury Road)

(Never Let Me Go, Nick Fury, Nocturnal Animals )

(Olsen, Elizabeth, Odd Thomas, Oduye, Adepero, Obvious Child)

(Paul Dano, Paul Rudd, Prisoners, )

(Quicksilver, Quiz Show)

(the Ring, Rogue One, Room, )

(Song of the Sea, Se7en, Sicario, Scorcese, Martin)

(Trainspotting, To Kill A Mockingbird, Tallulah, Tilda Swinton)

 (Up, Usual Suspects, Universe, Marvel Cinematic)

 (Viggo Mortensen, Viola Davis, V for Vendetta)

(Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Whitaker, Forest, Wolf of Wall Street, What Maisie Knew)

(X2: X-men United, X-Men)

(Y Tu Mama Tambien, You guys (no seriously, you fellow movie bloggers. You're the best)

 (Zombieland, Zero Day)

 Thank you for hosting, Mettel Ray! Here's to many more blogging years for you. 


  1. Yey for Logan and Begin Again! And wow you actually featured alternates, I'm still not done with even a single choice for some letters

    1. I've been thinking about Begin Again a lot lately. Such a wonderful movie.

  2. Oh, this list is so amazing. And seeing alternatives here makes me regret I didn't add any to mine but then again, I would have probably started to doubt some of my choices when I would have..

    Ledger, Logan, Zodiac, Joseph, Nightcrawler, this list will just keep on going because I love so many of your picks and we actually have quite many in common.

    And yay for "comic book movies" - it made so much sense to just pick all of them! :D

    Thank you again for participating again, and I'm so glad you found my blog but more so for sticking with me on this blogging journey! :)

    1. Thank YOU for being you! I had to do alternatives because I had such a hard time choosing. I wanted to give my "almosts" some blog time too.

  3. Great post! So many wonderful movies and performers here.

  4. Love your list! Great way of featuring alternatives too, I was trying to work out how I could just pick one for each letter and leave so many good choices out!

    1. So was I, I had to acknowledge them in some way.

  5. TRAIN TO BUSAN! Alright alright!

    I think your list is awesome, Brittani. Though I think you spelled Sylvester Stallone wrong.

    1. lmao I'll forgive you for that comment because I love you so much.

  6. You did the A to Z challenge in one blog post! Some great movies here and give me more Viggo....hubby hubba

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