Thursday Movie Picks: Movies Adapted From A Different Language

Wanderer loves having us explore foreign cinema and this week we're talking movies that were adapted from a different language. No rules on which ones so there's plenty to choose from. The only rule I gave myself was to not choose my go to's like The Ring or the Departed, or any horror remake really. Here's what I came up with.

1) Brothers

This is a remake of Susanne Bier's Danish film and I really enjoyed it. I feel like no one talks about it anymore, but Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal were great. 

2) Some Like It Hot

Did you know this was a remake of a German film called Fanfaren der Liebe? I didn't when I originally watched it. I haven't seen a lot of Marilyn Monroe's work despite her being so iconic but I love this film. 

3) The Kindergarten Teacher

This is a remake of an Israeli film of the same name and Maggie Gyllenhaal is brilliant in it. It's a frustrating watch at times, but certainly worth it. I can't believe she didn't get any love during awards season. 


  1. I've only seen Brothers, but it's such a good movie. It's so powerful and it definitely doesn't get the recognition it deserves!

  2. I love Some Like It Hot but didn't realize it was a remake. I love this film. I haven't seen the other 2 but they are on my watch list

  3. We share two films this week 😮 I’m so glad you picked Brothers because that movie doesn’t get the love it deserves

  4. I've seen you first two.

    Brothers - that was a difficult watch. I agree it's been quite forgotten. Probably because it's a smaller film and the actors have since done other bigger critically acclaimed movies so it never gets mentioned as much.

    1. True. I'd like to watch the original at least. I have it in my Netflix queue.

  5. I often forget that Some Like It Hot was adapted from another film. I had never seen the original as I'm sure it's hard to find as I do love Some Like It Hot. The rest of your picks I haven't seen in their original versions and in their remakes.

    1. I forget about that as well. I'd be curious to see the original though.

  6. I adore Some Like It Hot and really should tract down the original but I can't imagine it being more joyous than this with all four of its leading players cast to perfection.

    I thought Brothers was a good film when I saw it in the theatre but never had any desire to watch it again.

    Haven't seen the last though I've heard of it. Not the biggest Maggie Gyllenhaal fan so don't know if I'll get around to it.

    I went with all French masters with my originals this week whose work was translated with varying degrees of success.

    The 13th Letter (1951)-A study of the insidious damage suspicion can cause as a series of poison pen letters threatens to destroy a small Quebec town. Otto Preminger directs this atmospheric remake of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s 1943 film Le Corbeau with an excellent cast headed by Linda Darnell and Charles Boyer.

    Human Desire (1954)-When the boorish Carl Buckley (Broderick Crawford) is fired from the railroad he persuades his sexpot wife Vicki (Gloria Grahame) to go see his boss to try and get his job back. She acquiesces and is successful but Carl becomes convinced that she is now having an affair with the man and murders him. Fed up with his loutish ways Vicki ensnares Jeff (Glenn Ford), one of Carl’s co-workers, in a plot to murder him. Darkness ensues. Fritz Lang directs this remake of the 1938 Jean Renoir film La Bête Humaine with his usual hard eyed view.

    Diabolique (1996)-A pious Catholic schoolmistress (Isabelle Adjani) with a horribly abusive husband (Chazz Palminteri) joins forces with her husband’s mistress (Sharon Stone), a fellow teacher at the school and equally abused by the man to murder him and free themselves of his tyranny. They carry out the crime and dispose of his body in the school’s unused swimming pool. But when the pool is drained no body is present. What is going on? An adequate but disappointing redo of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s masterful classic-1955 Les Diaboliques with Simone Signoret and Vera Clouzet. You’d do better to track down the 70’s TV version “Reflections of Murder” with Joan Hackett and Tuesday Weld. It’s much better.

    1. I'm sold on Diabloique now. I haven't seen any of your picks this week.

    2. Diabolique is SO great!! Really an essential. Signoret and Vera Clouset (who was the director's wife) are fierce. Go to that first, the Stone version is okay but not comparable.

      The Joan Hackett/ Tuesday Weld one (with a very young and surprisingly odious Sam Waterston as the husband) was designed as a special event when it premiered on TV and really is a cut above the standard fare and it captures a sense of tension close to the first but you can't beat the original.

  7. Will Smith was an awesome Genie 🧞‍♂️

  8. I liked Brothers but Tobey and that Girl with the balloon at the dinner table went too far into campy territory for me :)


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