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Mettel Ray is hosting a new blogathon asking us for our TV Alphabets! This is special since her "My Movie Alphabet" blogathon is how I found her in the first place. And because she's a badass, she also made a cute graphic for the rules:

Without further ado, here's my TV Alphabet. I used some "wild remotes" because I wanted a few places and quotes instead of character and show names.

No seriously, just season one.

My newest anime obsession.

The best anthology series on TV right now. Maybe ever.

My favorite character on The Walking Dead, a show that doesn't deserve her.

The most polarizing True Detectives.

The sexiest vampire of all time.

The best characters (and ship!) on Agents of SHIELD.

Possibly the greatest villain in TV history.

When the snow falls, and the white winds blow. The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. The Starks are my favorite house in Game of Thrones

The first anime I got into.

A very underrated Handmaid's Tale character. What? She's brave.

I'll stand behind Jon Snow.

Because this sketch is the hardest I've ever laughed at SNL.

Zombie slaying goddess, and another character TWD doesn't deserve.

Damn it, Aaron Sorkin this could've went longer than 3 seasons!

Omar comin'! And if you come at the king, you best not miss.

Agent Carter should NOT have been cancelled, fuck yooooooouuuu ABC.

aka Claire Foy teaching as master class on acting in The Crown.

My sweet, sharp shooting cinnamon roll on Boardwalk Empire. 

This amazing mini series.

For the OINTB character who made me laugh, cry, and get angry on her behalf.

The scary world within Stranger Things.

One of the funniest shows ever on television.

Heisenberg himself.

The truth is out there.

This is one of my favorite Game of Thrones quotes. All hail King Bran

My dad and I both loved this guy on Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Thanks for hosting, Getter!


  1. I agree with you on Agent Carter, fuck you ABC!!!!!!

  2. OH CHRIST, LITTLE PIG BOY! :D This was too funny, I laugh just remembering this sketch

  3. I have netflix so should finally watch Breaking Bad. I've read The Handmaid's Tale,not seen the show yet. I heard Atwood just dropped a sequel book "The Testaments".

    1. I haven't gotten a chance to read her sequel book yet. I'll check it out, but I prefer the TV show to the book quite a bit. Atwood left so many things ambiguous and the show filled in those blanks.

  4. Oooh! I loved watching Inuyasha and Attack on Titan!!! Inuyasha was the first anime I got into with Adult Swim! Love the Zorak love here!

    Here’s my TV Alphabet!

    Ronyell @ The Surreal Movies and TV Blog

    1. Same here! I never paid attention to anime until I saw Inuyasha.

  5. I couldn't even finish season 1 of 13 Reasons Why lol it was so bad!

    I love that you picked Rust and Marty. I wanted to pick Marty myself but, since my memory sucks, I thought Woody's character was Rust and we I learnt he was actually Marty I didn't pick him because M was already too crowded haha

    YAS some love Taystee

    1. lol that happens to me too. My only issues with S1 of 13 reasons was the pacing, that show definitely didn't need 13 hour long episodes. Glad to see more Taystee love!

  6. Nice list! I can't believe Melissa signed on to The Walking Dead for three more years. That show doesn't deserve her. Thank heavens Danai is leaving. Love your picks for Game of Thrones and The X-Files too.

    Peggy Carter is the Queen. <3

    1. I honestly don't think Melissa will act again after TWD, which is a shame because viewers deserve her talent lol.

      YASSSSSSSSSS Queen Peggy!


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