Thursday Movie Picks - TV Edition: Competitive Reality Shows

Would you get on TV to potentially embarrass yourself in front of millions doing something to win a big bag of money? Even if you wouldn't, you've probably seen plenty of this week's theme from Wandering Through The Shelves: Competitive Reality TV shows. These can be very addicting. Here are three competitive shows that I spent a decent amount of time watching.

1) Chopped

I'm addicted to this show. I've never been into cooking shows until I found this one. It's just so fun watching what people come up with and the series regular judges are always a blast. It's been fun watching them grow as well. Like Scott Conant going from onion hating douche to growing a hot dude beard.

2) Dancing With The Stars

I was pretty into this show for a solid couple of years until Nicole Scherzinger was allowed to compete even though she was already in a trained dance group. For all the dumb shit that happened on that show, that was what ruined the novelty for me. It was so obvious they broke rules in certain dances on purpose just so they could dock her points and she didn't run away with a win every time she danced.

3) Guts

This was one I loved watching on Nickelodeon as a kid, specifically "Global Guts" when they would have kids from other countries compete. I loved this. It looked so fun at the time and looking back on it now as an adult, these kids were pretty damn impressive athletically.


  1. I haven't seen the last two but Chopped is an entertaining show!

  2. We match with DWTS! I remember when she was on but I did enjoy it none the less. What I hate is when people are voted in when they are clearly horrible. the only reason they stay in is because dumb ass Americans love that Rap star or that politician. They never stick to the true dance like they did at the beginning. I haven't seen your other 2

  3. In general I detest all reality shows. I will own to watching an occasional Property Brothers but that's more because I like to see the before and after but anything else is like poison to me. I did watch one or two episodes of the first season of DWTS when it wasn't the freakish thing its grown into but even then it wasn't for me.

    With all that said I'm sitting out the week since I have nada to draw on.

    1. I occasionally watch The Property Brothers too, I think they're probably the best reno show out there. It seems like they have a ton of separate shows now too.

  4. I used to watch Dancing with the Stars but it got old quick. I fucking loathe Nicole Scherzinger not just as an entertainer but as a person as it pissed me off that she got to compete against everyone who wasn't a trained dancer. It was bullshit. Part of my disdain for her was that Interscope spent millions and millions and millions of dollars on a record that never got finished nor released as she demanded so much to the point that the label were forced to drop some great bands like ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead and why Queens of the Stone Age left the label. A total waste of money. She's not that good of a singer.

    I think for me, the moment that DWTS jumped the shark was when they had Bristol Palin who came in third despite the fact that she was the worst dancer on the show. Plus, I really hate Derek Hough as he looks like such a douche and I'm convinced he has an incestuous relationship with his sister.

    Guts was an awesome show.

    1. Yess Bristol. You could tell that everyone knew she was only there for viewer votes. I'm sure conservatives were calling in like hell.

      I didn't know that about Nicole, DWTS is what turned me off of her. She tried to pass off her dancing training as just "booty poppin" I can't remember the exact terminology but it was bullshit because she was clearly very skilled.

    2. Exactly. It was so unfair to the other celebrities as whoever was doing well or at least put in an effort worked their asses off. It pissed me off knowing that they didn't have a chance and it was such fucking bullshit. She's really an awful person and the only reason the Pussycat Dolls reunited is because she wanted the attention since her solo career never went anywhere in America.

  5. Dancing with the Stars is the only I'm familiar with but I never watched it because I hate dancing. Which I guess has something to do with the fact that I can't dance haha

    1. I don't either but I'm impressed with the athleticism. lol

  6. Haven't seen any of your picks.

    I don't really get the appeal of reality competitive shows that have celebrities competing. One-off special episodes like how game shows sometimes do...I get, because it's just for fun and often for charity. But whole series revolving around celebrities competing just not my thing.


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