Review: Lamb

Maria (Noomi Rapace) and Ingvar (Hilmir Snær Guðnason) are farmers in rural Iceland when one of their sheep gives birth to something very special. 

The less you know about Lamb, the more it will work for you. The internet went pretty wild when A24 first released this trailer over the summer. To be fair, the trailer gives us the It Comes At Night treatment, where it makes the film seem like a horror film when in fact, it's just a drama basked in uneasiness.

There is the feeling of dread as you're watching this, because you this movie isn't going to let this happy little family stay that way. We spend a lot of time just watching Maria and Ingmar do their day to day before the titular lamb is even born. If I'm honest the film could've shaved about 10-15 minutes off of its run time but the cinematography is gorgeous so at least there's a lot of beauty in this mundane life we've been dropped into.

It's a quiet film and the ending is going to make or break it for a lot of people. Me personally? I loved it and audibly gasped at one particular scene. It completely elevated the film for me. It made me not want it to end.

Side note, whenever I watch a movie where the characters are dressed in sweaters, wool socks, and tons of layers. It really makes me want to go home, dress the same and get under my fuzzy blanket. Is that just me? Is it because I live in the frozen tundra? I love being cozy, damn it. 

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Go away!" - Maria (Noomi Rapace)


  1. wow, now i am curious which scene you're referring to... :)

  2. Honestly, one of the reasons I love cold weather is that I can put an extra blanket or 2 on my bed and wear sweat shirts/sweat pants in the mornings. There's nothing wrong with comfort.

    I do want to see this as I think I'll wait for it on streaming/TV as there's just a lot of films coming right now that I want to see in the theaters.

    1. I think this is worth a theater watch, but being cozy at home watching it sounds nice as well!

  3. I liked it too and it has stuck with me since seeing it. It has such a haunting tone. I also like how it seems aware of the absurdity but 100% embraces it.

    1. Yeah, it plays that ending incredibly straight and I love it even more for it.

  4. It pains me that this isn't released till December over here. I'm going to try and read as little as possible about it now because it sounds so good!

    1. Yes! The less you know the better. It's very slow at the kick off, but it works.

  5. I like Noomi Rapace and the trailer looks extremely intriguing! Ahah, as I live in MN I too like seeing people in cozy sweaters/outfits :-)


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