Review: Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Eddie (Tom Hardy) is trying to get his career back on track with Venom living inside him when a convicted serial killer, Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) insists he be the one to interview him before he is executed. When Kasady gets a taste of the symbiote within Eddie, he comes the foil to Venom; Carnage.

The first Venom is a film I'd classify as "so bad, it's funny" so that's exactly where my expectations were for this one. Throw in the very excitable director, Andy Serkis, and I had hopes this would be both dumb and fun. And it is!

There's plenty about this film that works, Eddie and Venom are a funny duo, there's a great dick joke that lands perfectly. Harrelson plays Carnage like an over the top weirdo at a poetry slam, Michelle Williams clearly still has someone pointing a gun at her off screen because she is doing the bare minimum here. That's the fun and dumb I was looking for. At a brisk 90 minutes, we don't have time to drag, which is nice because the plot of this movie is pretty stupid. There's a love story between Carnage and Francis Barrison (Naomie Harris) and I just do not know where she was going with her character. I feel like the script itself only got one pass and no one noticed the plethora of inconsistencies within.

But, it's what I wanted. Dumb and fun, and the mid credits scene is highly intriguing, though I know some people will absolutely hate it. Me? I'm excited.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "Fuck this guy!" - Venom (Tom Hardy)


  1. Yes! It sounds like this is everything I want it to be. I'll be counting down the days till the UK release :)

  2. I'm going to wait for this to arrive on Starz! next year as I saw most of the first one as I thought it was alright as I was just more interested in seeing Michelle Williams as... She-Venom. Oh She-Venom... oh she's so hot. I only heard She-Venom appears briefly and that's disappointing but I am intrigued by what might happen following the post-credits. I just hope Morbius doesn't be involved as I have no interest in seeing Jared Leto be part of the MCU. He sucks and his band fucking sucks. Still not over on him bullying Elijah Wood all because Wood shared my opinion on his band.

  3. I love Tom Hardy but I haven't even seen the first movie yet. I'll see if I even like that one first before seeing the sequel, ahah.

    1. Honestly you will understand it just fine. There's not a ton of continuity lol

  4. Like you said it was dumb and fun but now all I want to do is talk about the mid-credit scene! The rest of the movie pretty forgettable. Except when Venom told Eddie he wishes he could fix his broken heart that was sweet and kind of excused the rest of the fighting!

  5. Really was hoping for more from this. There's sooo much they could have done with the Carnage angle. Alas.....

    1. I had such low expectations that I was fine with it I'm glad they ditched the wig at least.


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