Thursday Movie Picks: Female Investigators

This week's theme from Wandering Through The Shelves is Female Investigators! The rules specify they can be police, or private. I kept thinking of TV shows that fit this theme, but movies were a bit tougher. Here's what I came up with. 

1) Lost Girls -
The mother of a missing girl essentially turns private detective in this when the police don't do enough. This is based on a true story and is absolutely heartbreaking.

2) Destroyer -
Nicole Kidman gives an excellent performance as a police detective that reconnects with an undercover mission from her past. I had some issues with the film overall, but she was amazing in it. 

3) Every Secret Thing -
This is one of my favorite Laura Lippman books, and Elizabeth Banks plays a detective trying to solve a kidnapping.


  1. I have not seen any of these but have heard of the Nicole Kidman movie

  2. I haven't seen any of these but I love Elizabeth Banks so I'll have to check out Every Secret Thing.

    This one was easier than the last few have been and I left off some more recent choices like Miss Congeniality (a fave) and Raising Arizona and went for older underknown films.

    The first-"Mary Ryan, Detective" (1949) stars the very recently departed and wonderful Marsha Hunt (who made it to 104!) as a detective who goes undercover to break up a jewel ring, first in the slammer and then as part of the gang.

    Next is "Lured" (1947) starring Lucille Ball as a dime a dance girl in London recruited to Scotland Yard to try and catch a serial killer prey on women through the personals. Marvelous noir directed by Douglas Sirk and costarring George Sanders and Charles Coburn. This is the best of the three films by quite a bit.

    The last is as obscure as the first "Wanted: Jane Turner" (1936) wherein Gloria Stuart is teamed with Lee Tracy as postal detectives on the hunt for a gang of mail fraud villains.

    1. Ohh, I'll have to check out Lure specifically! That sounds good.

    2. Lured is great fun!! It provides a wonderful opportunity to see Lucy in a different light if you're only familiar with her as the ditzy, daffy flibbertigibbet from "I Love Lucy". Not that she's not brilliant doing that but here she's clever, spunky, ultra glamorous and capable.

      Same goes for George Sanders if your only point of reference is "All About Eve". He's still wonderfully urbane and droll but much more the romantic lead.

      Plus as an extra cherry on top Boris Karloff has a small, strange role!

    3. I am only familiar with her comedy! I can't even picture her in a serious role.

  3. I think I have both Destroyer and Every Secret Thing available on cable but I could never find the time to watch them in my DVR as it gets full very often. I want to see all 3 of those films.

    1. I hope you get around to them! I do think the book is better than the film, but I thought Dakota Fanning and Danielle Macdonald were perfectly cast.

  4. I agree. It's so much harder to pick for movies since there are fewer choices.
    I know of Lost Girls since it's on Netflix but haven't seen it as thought it could be a little TV movie-ish.

    1. It kind of is, but the performances are good. Just brace yourself for the text they display after the story is finished.


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