Review: Dune: Part II

Official synopsis:
 Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) unites with Chani (Zendaya) and the Fremen while seeking revenge against the conspirators who destroyed his family.

Director Denis Villenueve's first Dune entry was a welcome surprise for me. I've never read the books, nor seen any of the older versions. I loved the film and am perfectly fine to have this as "my" Dune experience so to speak. So to say I was excited for part II is an understatement.

After may delays, Part II is finally here and is absolutely worth the long wait. Dune: Part II is stunning to look at. The cinematography, the VFX, all of it is rich and beautiful. The way they chose to introduce the new antagonist in a black and white scene (shot in infrared) was very cool.

But Dune is more than what we see, the actors are the beating hearts. Chalamet continues to prove every day that he's leading man material. Paul is in an impossible situation and Chalamet makes you feel it. His chemistry with Zendaya, who is far more than just a love interest is amazing and it makes it all the more heartbreaking to know where it all goes. 

Part II does feel like a lot of build up before getting to a conclusion that resolves itself very quickly. But it's never in a way that feels dull. I was just very aware of how long everything was taking. Still, I can't wait to see this again. And I can't wait for Part III.

Grade: A


  1. I was going to see this tomorrow but I'm too sick with the flu as I had to cancel but Fandango wouldn't refund me. Thank you AMC Theaters for giving me my refund. Never order through Fandango. They're such dicks.

    1. Oh no, I order through Fandango a lot because I get cash back on Ibotta lol.

  2. I can't recommend the book enough. It's one of the truly great stories in the science fiction world. I am biased--I have a long and weird history with the franchise--but it's truly a masterpiece of world creation.

    See the movies first, though, but when we finally get Part III, the book is more than worth your time.

    1. That's what I'm a bit worried about, I kind of want to finish Denis' version first, THEN dive into the books because I hear they get super weird lol

    2. I'll be very interested in your take on the books after seeing the movies, because this version is WILDLY different in a lot of ways.

    3. That's what I've heard. I'll get there eventually.


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