DVD Review: Peacock

At first glance, you wonder how a film like this went straight to DVD. With a stunning cast of Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Susan Sarandon and Josh Lucas, how could you not find an audience in that. After viewing the film, I can sort of see why it wasn't a hit, but to not include it at any indie festivals? That's still a mystery to me.

'Peacock' is a town in Nebraska. John Skilpa (Cillian Murphy) has lived there his whole life. From the opening scene we find out that John has some *ahem* "mommy issues". He also dresses like a woman in his spare time. (John's wife "Emma") Not only does he dress like her, wig and all. He does the house hold chores as her, "she" writes John notes throughout the day and makes him breakfast at exactly 8:15am. John in real life is a nervous man, he hides candy and baseball cards under his front step so "Emma" won't see. When a train derails and ends up in his backyard while "Emma" is folding laundry, he suddenly has a lot of unwanted attention. From a concerned police officer (Josh Lucas) to the wife of the mayor (Susan Sarandon) to Maggie, a girl from John's past (Ellen Page) Suddenly it's Emma, who no one has ever seen before that takes center stage.

'Peacock' has  wonderful things about it, but it also has a lot of problems. It was obviously a low budget film, and the train sequence is a bit lame. It's an interesting plot, but sometimes slow movie. Cillian Murphy does a hell of a job as always. He plays a convincing woman. (Check him out in 'Breakfast on Pluto') Ellen Page is also great. The presence of Sarandon is also a nice touch. The ending seemed almost abrupt and open. Really, you wonder why in the hell no one points out that John and Emma look EXACTLY alike. I suppose I can let that go, Cillian's performance was worth it. Another nit-picky gripe: Brown contact lenses. Blue eyes like Cillian Murphy's should NEVER be covered with contact lenses. It fit his character, but ruined my stare factor. I'm over it.

Recommended: Yes (I recommend EVERYTHING Ellen Page, this one's a renter though)

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "We girls have to stick together." - "Emma" - Cillian Murphy


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