Review: Kick Ass

Why don't more people try to become super heroes? This is the question 'Kick Ass' is asking you. Why don't more ordinary people dress up as masked vigilantes and try to stop crime. One could argue that those real heroes are the military or the police force, but hey, being eccentric is never boring.

Dave (Aaron Johnson) is your every day teenager. He's not a jock, nor a stoner. He's not a mathlete, nor a theater kid. He's just normal, as he puts it he's "non-existent". Like a lot of teenage boys, he struggles with the ladies. Particularly Katie. (Lyndsy Fonseca) After being mugged (again) he decides he's going to stop all this. He orders a scuba costume, dubs himself 'Kick Ass' and goes out to fight crime. His first encounter results in an ass kicking/hit and run. He begs the EMTs to throw aside his costume so his dad doesn't know. Instead his father assumes he's gay since he was found naked (lame joke if you ask me) He tries again and soon becomes an internet darling when someone records him fighting off a gang. He catches the eyes of a few people. A father/daughter combo Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) They are real super heroes, trained in fighting and are good with ammo. They are after Frank, a big time drug dealer that ruined Big Daddy's life. He has a son who pretends to be a super hero himself. Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) doubles as Red Mist in order to get closer to Kick Ass.

The movie is fun, lots of gore, lots of cursing, and lots of action shots. What I really admired most about the film was the editing. The way it was shot was awesome, lots of quick cuts in the fighting scenes that make them more exciting. A fellow blogger asked a question last week on whether violence is ok in films. This is one that it is. The extreme violence is all this film has going, and it has a sense of humor about it. It's also fair, it's not just the heroes getting the bad guys, our heroes take their fair share of beatings themselves.

The acting, more or less is horrendous. It's a shame because most of the dialogue is hilarious, but it doesn't sound believeable coming from a lot of the cast. Chole Moretz is a cute kid, but I felt like she was just reading her lines from memory rather than actually putting some emotion into them. It's also unfortunate because she has some of the best lines in the movie. Nic Cage isn't in it enough for me to forgive 'Knowing', 'Next' or 'The Wicker Man'. Our Lead is the best in the film, he's completely believable in his part. The ending is pretty predictable, it gets a little cheesy, but it's also the ending you were hoping would happen. They set it up for a sequel or spin off too, but who knows if that will happen.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "You've got everything under control? You're getting a fucking bazooka, dumbass!" - Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse)


  1. okay i clearly have to go ahead and see thsi film since it's apparently all the rage! the trailer just ins't grabbing me...maybe it's nicholas cage...i dunno

  2. Nicolas Cage still fails more than he impresses. Thankfully he's not in this a whole lot.


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