DVD Review: Fragments

This is what happens when a bad script happens to good actors. 'Fragments', originally titled 'Winged Creatures' (A far better title, in my opinion) is about the survivors of a random shooting in a Los Angeles diner. They all come together, yet they are all dealing in very different ways.

Carlie (Forest Whitaker) survives a gun shot wound to the neck and believes his luck as turned around. He goes on a gambling spree, and doesn't tell his daughter, Kathy (Jennifer Hudson) where he's gone. Anne (Dakota Fanning) hides under a table with her best friend Jimmy (Josh Hutcherson) while her father is shot and killed. Her mother (Jeanne Triplehorn) is obviously heartbroken, but Anne turns to religion to heel. Jimmy on the other hand is withdrawn, he doesn't talk to his father (Jackie Earl Haley) or anyone else for that matter about what happened. Carla (Kate Beckinsale) is a waitress that survives, but ends up with survivors guilt. She can barely take care of her infant son. She takes an innocent compliment from Dr. Lareby (Guy Peirce) who also held the door open for the shooter at the diner, the wrong way.

All of the characters are potentially interesting, but their dialogue is watered down and hampered by bad writing. The direction of the film doesn't help either. It had all the potential in the world with it's cast and interesting outlines for each character, but the direction makes it feel like just another "Life Time" movie.

Recommended: No

Grade: C-

Memorable Quote: " Jimmy. It's still just the two of us" - Anne Hagon (Dakota Fanning)


  1. Didn't like this movie very much..Ok kind of movie. The story was too boring. This movie just seemed odd. If still wanna watch this movie, I recommend watch it at home instead of spending money on it.


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