Indie Gems: Snow Cake

With stunning performances by Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver and Carrie-Anne Moss, this is one of the films that really defines "Indie Gem." How it managed to be so "under the radar" is beyond me.

Alex (Rickman) is fresh out of prison and on a road trip across Canada. He picks up an eccentric hitchhiker Vivienne (Emily Hampshire) along the way. He eventually starts to enjoy her company when a deadly car crash cuts that short. Alex feels the need to apologize to Vivenne's mother directly, he gets her address from the police files, and brings a gift (light up balls that play music) that Vivienne had bought for her. We meet Linda (Weaver), she's autistic. She likes her house clean, sleeping in bunk beads and eating snow. She works part time stocking shelves at the grocery store. She convinces Alex to stay with her so he can take her garbage out. She doesn't do garbage, that was Vivienne's job. Alex agrees to that, and also to help with the funeral. Linda ignores her pesky neighbors, including Maggie (Moss) whom Alex is instantly attracted to.

This film had a ton of chances to be over the top and depressing. It never was. The actors really brought something to each of their characters. Alex is a complicated man. He did some bad things, but we don't care. We feel for him. When a funeral guest wonders "Why is that guy still here?" I became defensive. It's none of her business. Linda made me look at things differently too. Who else could point out that having an orgasm is the inferior version of what she feels when she has a mouth full of snow? It was beautiful, touching, sad but quirky all in one.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A

Memorable Quote: "'s a bit obvious, isn't it?" - Linda (Sigourney Weaver)


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