Random Ramblings: 10 Things I want to see in Deathly Hallows part 1

I just got done reading 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' (again) and it got me thinking about the film. I thought I'd make a list of things I really want to see, then on Nov 18th when the film comes out, I will re-visit this list and see if I got any of my wishes. Of course it will be impossible to incorporate every little detail from the book into the movie, so I'll try to be as fair as possible with my "demands". Also after I see the film I'll write up another column of 10 things I'd like to see in part 2.

1) The opening sequence: There are certain parts of the book that really don't need to be toned down for film. This is one of them. Members of the Order of the Phoenix are trying to get Harry safely from his home on Privet Dr. to random portkeys. (objects that essentially teleport you to another place) These portkeys will all lead them to a safe place. Ron, Hermione, Fluer, Fred, and George are all dressed as fake "Harrys" and they fly with a member of the Order to their portkey. Of course the Death Eaters are waiting, and there's a spectacular chase scene which includes Voldermort flying (sans broomstick) after them. This needs to be left alone. All of it. It was such an intense part of the book, even more so since it happened in the 2nd chapter. It also includes two surprising deaths. People that haven't read the books need to appreciate what we HP nerds see when we read it. This scene is so epic it deserves to be shown in it's entirety.

2) It's RON/HERMIONE. Ok? Thanks. My biggest problem with "screen writer" Steve Kloves is that he is an obvious Harry/Hermione shipper. Even though JK Rowling turned down the idea of Harry and Hermione ever being together, then essentially made fun of anyone who thought they should be. I blame Kloves for this because reading the books, I never had the idea of Harry and Hermione being a couple, although after watching the films (particulary Prisoner of Azkaban) I can totally see where people got that idea. *Spoiler Alert* Ron and Hermione get together in the end, and it's heavily hinted throughout this book. Let it happen, don't litter it with all this touchy feely Harry/Hermione crap when it's supposed to be building up Ron and Hermione's relationship. It's bad enough they left the huge Ron/Hermione moment in the funeral scene out of 'Half Blood Prince'.

3) There's no such thing as too much Alan Rickman Ok, so Snape technically plays a bigger part in "Part II" but let's not get stingy on the Snape scenes in the first part. I love Alan Rickman as Snape, he needs to be on screen as much as possible.

4) There will be blood This was a bloody book, screw the PG rating and go full on PG-13. I don't think they should have a problem with this, especially since they actually got away with a PG rating for HBP when they included the "Sectumsempra" scene.

5)Can 3D just f**k off, please? The plan right now is to show the film in 3D, there is still plenty of time to nix this horrible Idea. 3D is going to drive more people away. Hardcore fans will shell out the $16 a ticket for it but not everyone else will. Harry Potter could have a record breaking opening without the added ticket price. Not to mention this film wasn't originally shot for 3D, and will likely have crap effects like Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans. This film is going to be way to dark for 3D. I'm hoping by November this 3D phase will calm down. Roger Ebert actually wrote a really good piece on why 3D is so lame, go read it. I agree. Let's hope the summer 3D movies bomb, and they can save it all for the IMAX crowds.

6) Let the split happen gradually I already know how annoyed I will be when this film ends. We all will be. Just don't end it at a cliff hanger. What I really admired about Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy is that he ended them after something great happened, and they transitioned into black nicely. Please don't end us on a fight scene we have to wait another 7 months for. I have this horrible feeling that they are going to split it right after we learn what the Deathly Hallows are, but right before the Death Eaters break into the Lovegood household and find them there. There's plenty of walking around and searching for horcruxes. Let it end somewhere around there. Where we've seen enough to call it a great film, but we're not cut off and feeling empty. Also don't cut it off when Ron leaves then resume when he comes back. I hated that part of the book enough as it is. I really just should stop guessing on where I think they will split it.. *patience*.

7) House Elves They managed to cut out Dobby's character in every single movie since he first appeared in 'Chamber of Secrets' even though he played important parts in many of the following books. I know for a fact Dobby is in this. (pictures I've seen of them filming) Let both him and Kreacher get some screen time. They're very important to this story.

8) Who was the Half Blood Price again? I really doubt this will happen, but since they so conveniently added a scene to HBP that wasn't in the book and served absolutely no purpose the least they can do is EXPLAIN why Severus Snape is the Half Blood Prince. That was the entire f**king point of the 6th book and they really casted it aside in the film. How about a run down for those non-readers that left the movie seriously confused? It'll only take a minute!

9) Tone down Emma Watson Of all the young actors in the film she's consistently the worst. I want to like her, but I can't. She can't act. Please tell her to tone down the eyebrows, get another expression besides "shocked/pissed" and actually have poofy hair like Hermione is supposed to have. Less Emma Watson is fine with me.

10) Godric's Hallow Harry's place of birth felt down right creepy in the book, lets keep it that way in the film. Especially Nigini crawling out of the women's head. Yeah, that's the part of Harry Potter that is never shown in the films, the fact that the book gets down right creepy at times.


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