Indie Gems: Me and You and Everyone We Know

I'm normally not a fan of movies that have loads of intertwining stories. Many of them simply get lost within each other and end up not being very interesting. Miranda July's little film 'Me and You and Everyone We Know' is not one of them.

Miranda July directs and stars as Christine, a lonely aspiring artist working in the shoe department at a retail store. We follow her life, and the lives connected to her. The woman she's trying to submit her art too, Nancy. (Tracy Wright) The man she's suddenly infatuated with, Richard (John Hawkes) a recent divorcee and his children Pete and Robby. (Miles Thompson and Brandon Ratcliff) Pete's innocent neighbor, Sylvie (Carlie Westerman) and his not so innocent classmates Heather and Rebecca. (Natasha Slayton and Najarra Townsed)

When this film first premiered Miranda July said she was afraid she would never get it made due to some of the explicit content involving the young children (ie Robbie, not realizing what he's exactly doing starts "cybering" with a stranger online) but it's not exploitative. It's kept innocent and minimal. The characters in the film are all complicated, and while we don't get an extensive background on each one, we understand their troubles and their feelings. Divorces, teenage curiosity, your dreams of adulthood when your a child, and insecurities. It's subtle, quirky, dramatic and interesting. A good film if your looking for an indie you may not have seen.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Macaroni" - Nancy (Tracy Wright)


  1. I enjoyed this film. It was quite funny (especially the mis-conversations on the internet) and witty.


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