Review: Get Low

All hail Robert Duvall's awesome beard.

Felix Bush (Robert Duvall) wants to "Get Low." Meaning he's soon expecting to be underground, but until then he wants to plan his own funeral and attend it. With the help of an Undertaker, Frank Quinn (Bill Murray) and his assistant Buddy. (Lucas Black) Felix wants to invite everyone he knows to tell a story about him. This isn't easy since Felix is a hermit who's best known for keeping his rifle handy at all times. One of the people that turns up is Mattie, (Sissy Spacek) a woman he used to adore. She's also one of the few people to say something nice about him. When we get to the funeral "party", we hear stories of secrets that are told and defended. Feelings that get hurt, or redeemed. Probably the most influential of all these speeches is the one that Felix gives himself.

Get Low had every chance to be a boring drama that dragged it's feet through the dust. Yet, it's sprinkled with plenty of dry humor that helps it move along. Whenever it started to get slow, someone (mostly Bill Murray) made us laugh. Duvall and Murray are barely recognizable in their rolls and they do a fantastic job. Plenty of people are talking about Duvall being a strong candidate for the Oscars, and I agree. However, it's Murray that really stole the show for me. He was perfect in his roll, but then again, when isn't he?

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "I want a funeral party, and I want to be there." - Felix Bush (Robert Duvall)


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