Review: Jackass 3D

"We took the most expensive cameras they make and shot the dumbest sh*t with them."

Anyone who reads this blog (or my twitter account) knows how much I hate 3D movies. I think it works great for animated films. Coraline was the best movie I've ever seen in 3D, it worked for that film wonderfully. I don't think 3D is the future of film. I don't think it adds anything to movies like say 'Clash of the Titans' or 'Alice in Wonderland.' I think that studios just want to jump on the bandwagon that Avatar created and jack up their ticket prices. I don't think 3D will be around for regular films much longer. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was originally going to be shot in 3D, they've abandoned that idea (thank you) due to time restraints. I'm willing to bet the new Chronicles of Narnia movie doesn't gross nearly as much as they are expecting because of 3D. So why did I go see Jackass in 3D? Because it's mocking it, and that's hilarious.

Jackass didn't break any grounds with 3D. They used it to gross us out more than they used it to make a stunt look cooler. I thought the use of slow motion shots worked far better than the 3D. I've always dug Jackass for the shear fact that's it's downright funny. You have to respect stuntmen for the pain they put themselves through, and we've grown to know Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn and the rest of the gang over the years. They obviously have a good time making these movies, and I have a good time watching them. It's hilarious, gross, and wait for it..even touching at times. When I say touching I'm referring towards the end credits where they show us pictures of the crew as kids, and then show them with their own children. Knoxville's daughter Madison even shows up to punch someone in the face. I thought that was a good way to end a film as funny as that one was. To show us that these guys may be crazy, they're still real people with families just like the rest of us.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote Stunt: Rocky. That never got old.


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