Review: Never Let Me Go

Sometimes leaving questions unanswered is a good thing.

'Hard Candy' is a film that comes to mind. That movie asked more questions than answered them, and it worked for the tone. 'Never Let Me Go' feels the same way. Hours after seeing it, I found myself still thinking about it. Still asking myself "why this?" or "why that?" It didn't matter. This film is so powerful even without the added curiosity.

This is the story of Kathy, (Carey Mulligan) Tommy, (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth. (Keira Knightley) We first meet them as children at a very peculiar boarding school. Kathy is narrating, she's now 28 years old. She tells us how she always loved Tommy, and how Ruth got in the way. We also learn the ominous fate these children await. They are born for the sole purpose of donating their vital organs. The school they went to keeps them healthy, then sends them off to cottages when they turn 18. There, they wait for their first notice to donate, or they can work as "carers" and help other donors until they are called upon.

The biggest question I had was why no one ran away, but that's what makes this film so interesting and so intense. These people clearly except their short lives and don't question anything beyond that. They understand their purpose and while a slight glimpse of hope sidetracks them briefly, they eventually come to terms with their heartbreaking demise. Great acting all around by Mulligan, Garfield and Knightley. The children that played their younger versions all looked eerily similar to them and did a fantastic job as well. The entire film is beautiful, right down to the music and cinematogrpahy. Everything worked for it.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A

Memorable Quote: "He didn't understand what you were doing, but I did." - Ruth (Keira Knightley)


  1. Part of me thinks this is going to be one of the most underexposed films of the year, and that's a pity because so many of us who have seen it have loved what we got.

    Couldn't agree with you more about the subtle performances, the beautiful look of the film, and its wonderful score.

    As for why they don't run, check out this post for the answer:


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