Review: RED

Retired, extremely dangerous.

We've seen this far too many times when a film has a stellar cast and doesn't fully deliver.

Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is retired CIA. He lives a pretty lonely life and spends a great deal of his time calling and hitting on Sarah. (Mary-Louise Parker) Frank knows he's being followed and targeted for what he knows, so he kidnaps Sarah (he's protecting her) and resembles his old team, Marvin, (John Malkovich) Susan, (Helen Mirren), and Joe (Morgan Freeman) to get to the bottom of this.

I never got around to reading the graphic novels that this film was based on, so I really can't offer a comparison for that. The cast is fantastic, it also includes Karl Urban and Brian Cox. The standout performance is very much Malkovich's, he's hilarious. The film felt really lackluster in comparison to the wonderful cast. I was expecting a bit more. The editing in the film is very different and choppy and actually made the film look a little sloppy at points. It's far from a bad film, I just left wanting more than I actually got.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: C+

Memorable Quote: "Can I kill her now?" - Marvin (John Malkovich)


  1. It really looks interesting. I saw the thrailer and Helen Mirren is awesome there. From the Queen to the CIA agent. I'm not well acquanted with her work, so I don't know whether she had something similar in the career. And overall, the whole cast is brilliant.

  2. wow, that's unmfortunate that it's so sloppy. i definitely wanna see this as a huge willis and freeman fan. may check ou the rental. thanks for the review!


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