Review: The Town

Who wants to move to Charlestown?

With 'Gone Baby Gone', Ben Affleck proved that he could handle being in the director's chair. His latest flick, 'The Town' proves that he belongs in it.

Doug (Been Affleck) is a long time thief who wants to turn his life around after meeting Claire, (Rebecca Hall) a bank manager that was an impromptu hostage in his last job. His best friend James (Jeremy Renner) doesn't approve of him being so close to someone that could possibly identify them.

I thought this film would be more about the relationship between Doug and Claire, but it's really about the relationship between Doug and James. They've been best friends their whole lives. James did time at one point, James's family took Doug in after his dad (Chris Cooper) is thrown in jail. It's all a test of loyalty. I'm normally not one that enjoys heist movies, but the flow to this one was perfect. It was intense and had some almost claustrophobic car chases. It was sprinkled with a bit of humor here and there. The ending is what I enjoyed the most, because it was different and unexpected.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "We gotta do something. I can't tell you what it is, you can never ask me about later. We're gonna hurt some people." .... "Who's car are we taking?" - Doug and James (Ben Afflect and Jeremy Renner)


  1. Not sure if you listen to it or not, but on my podcast we discussed this film in the most recent episode.

    I liked a lot of things about it - including that wonderful car chase you mention - but felt a bit let down by its final act.

    Still - two hours well spent. Nice review!

  2. LOVED this. as a boston native i just truly enjoyed it. ben affleck has really stepped up his game. way to go.


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