DVD Review: Dogtooth

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A father (Christos Stergioglou) keeps his family members isolated inside their estate. The three teenagers living there have never left. They have been convinced that murderous cats wait outside their gates to attack humans, that planes fall from the sky and can be caught in they're backyard, and that they can only leave when their "dogtooth" falls out. They are taught that "zombies" are little yellow flowers, that "phone" is salt, and that "sea" is a large chair. The father has been bring a woman named Christina home for his son to have sex with. She initiates a change in the oldest daughter, who begins to challenge the authority of the house.

Dogtooth was a surprise nominee in the foreign language category at this year's Oscars. I had heard of the film months before and was waiting for it in my Netflix queue. All the attention this film is getting is deserved. It's dark, harrowing, at times hard to watch but impossible to look away. It really shows what a human being is capable of doing. To keep their children locked up, away from society and to teach them completely different meanings. How long can you really go on living like that?

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "In a few months, your mother will give birth to two twins and a dog." - Father (Christos Stergioglou)


  1. wow. your review really made me wanns see this movie. thanks!


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