Indie Gems: Fanboys

A long time ago...

This movie went into production sometime in 2005. It sat on the shelf until 2007 when the Weinstein company ordered re-shoots. Then it was pushed back, pushed back again, and pushed back some more until it finally had a very limited release in early 2009. The DVD followed roughly 6 months later. This little movie had to fight hard for it's release. The Weinsteins' originally didn't like the cancer subplot and wanted it removed, fans that actually got to screen the original cut at Comic Con in 2007 threatened to boycott. Director Kyle Newman argued that it took the heart out of the movie. Eventually it was released with the subplot, the way Newman intended it to be seen.

Fanboys follows a group of old high school friends/Star Wars nerds, Eric, (Sam Huntington) Linus, (Chris Marquette) Hutch, (Dan Folger)  Windows, (Jay Burachel) and Zoe. (Kristen Bell, in a horrible wig) Linus has been diagnosed with cancer and isn't given a long time to live. They decide to go forward with an age old plan they've had to break into Skywalker Ranch and steal a copy of the upcoming 'The Phantom Menace.'

This movie is chuck full of cameos from Seth Rogen to Star Wars alum Carrie Fisher. The cameos are the funniest part of the movie. The story isn't that original nor do we get a lot of time invested in our main characters. (with the exception of Eric and Linus) Being a huge Star Wars fan, I loved all the references and the rivalry between the Star Trek fans. I'm glad they left Linus's cancer condition in the film because it did give it heart and had it not been in there, we wouldn't have gotten a hilarious hospital cameo from Carrie Fisher.

Fanboys does have it's laugh out loud funny moments, and deserves to be watched just for the hell it went through trying to get released.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: C+

Memorable Quote: "I know." - Doctor (Carrie Fisher)


  1. Got to disagree with the C+ rating. I thought this film was great. It just had the feeling of the innocence prior to The Phantom Menace. Really enjoyed the film and think it is well worth seeing even if it didn't have a hell of a time getting into a limited number of theatres.


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