My 10 Favorite Films from 2010

Last year my list got up a lot later than I wanted it to. This year I post it without seeing two key movies that I really want to see, but sadly they haven't found their way to my neighbor hood yet. Those being 127 Hours and Blue Valentine.

1) Inception
This was hands down my favorite film of the year. I loved the concept, I loved the cast, I loved the director. I loved everything about this film, even the shady ending.

2) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I
Even Steve Kloves' questionable Harry/Hermione moments in this film couldn't make me dislike it. Deathly Hallows is my favorite book of the series, and I thought Director David Yates captured the first half well. I've seen it in theatres 3 times already, and I can't wait to see Part II. Side note - PLEASE, Warner Brothers. Don't make it in crappy 3D. This film's announcement that they weren't going to use 3D was one the the happiest announcements I had heard in awhile.

3) Never Let Me Go
This beautiful film has been underrated this awards season. The score was lovely, the scenery beautiful, everything around the characters in the film was lovely except for their fate.

4) Black Swan
Fantastic performances, intriguing story, creepy moments. Yes, please!

5) The Social Network
The juggernaut known as Facebook has officially taken over the world with this equally addictive movie. Jesse Eisenberg killed it.

6) The Kids Are All Right
Finally a story about a gay couple that doesn't stereotype it. A great story about a family sticking together through thick and thin.

Really? You ask. Hell yes, I loved how ridiculously over the top this movie was. "Machete don't text." is probably my favorite part.

8) The Fighter
Loved the performances of the entire cast, especially Bale. Finally he gets some recognition for his career.

9) Fish Tank
I caught this British Indie early on in the year and it still stuck with me. The story is interesting, the lesson learned at the end is valuable.

10) Shutter Island
Besides the horrible continuity throughout the film, I really enjoyed the dark story. DiCaprio gave a great performance and the ending completely caught me off guard.

Honorable Mention:

Cyrus - Great film that was marketed wrong.
The Town - Excellent work from Ben Affleck and Co.
The Last Exorcism - Favorite horror film of the year.
How To Train Your Dragon - Favorite Kids film of the year.
True Grit - Fantastic performances all around.
The Other Guys - "Aim for the bushes." - Ha!


  1. Never Let Me Go might have been the most underseen/underrated film of the whole year. Good call!

  2. Our top list have much in common. I haven't completed kine though. Inception is definitely my #1. And I also included Machete, as I utterly enjoyed it. As for Never let Me Go I would put it in my honotable mentions, and I agree it was terribly underrated.

  3. i clearly need to see never let me go. nice list!


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