Trailer Breakdown: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

My blog is getting a bit sporadic, so I wanted to try and do something on a weekly basis. I'm going to post a trailer breakdown every Thursday. It will mostly be trailers for movies that are coming soon, occasionally I might take an older trailer just for fun. I'll break it down with what I thought worked, what I think might not, and I'll bring it home with how excited I am to see it.

What better trailer to start with than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

What works: The entire trailer feels more epic than any other Potter film. As it should be, DH1 had a somber feeling for most of the film, this one won't have any. From the looks of it, it will be nonstop action throughout. Just what Potter needs to go out with a bang. I liked how the trailer showed a lot of different characters and not just our trio. (Lots of Snape love!) Everyone plays a role in the battle of Hogwarts, it's good to see them get a little love.

The Prince's Tale: Aka Snape's memories, aka one of the most interesting parts in the book. I like that a few clips of it made the trailer, even though I read they are adding something that wasn't in the book I could hardly care less. I loved that chapter and I'm dying to know more.

What might not: "Complete the journey in 3D." No, can you please pull out of 3D last minute again and make EVERYBODY happy? This is not a film for 3D, HP is going to make a ton of money at the box office anyways, so adding the extra surcharge is just greedy and unneeded. 3D should be left to animated films, stop trying to bring it into live action. It never works.

Steve Klove's obsession with Harry and Hermione still hasn't gone away. Not that I expected it too, I was just hoping for more Ron and Hermione moments in the trailer. Since, you know, that's the couple JK Rowling wrote about. I don't think Kloves has ever read a Harry Potter book.

Harry vs Voldemort. This I'm completely split on. In the book, their final show down takes place in the Great Hall in front of everybody. From the looks of the trailer, they battle in the court yard alone. I understand they wanted to make the fight look better on film because in the book it was actually quite short. I'm hoping it works out. I hope everyone eventually runs out and watches them fight, because that's what made it so special.

Random thought: Where the hell are Voldemort's shoes?

When to watch: At midnight, opening night. I'm a die hard Harry Potter fan and I always will be. But you already knew that.


  1. Love the trailer even though personally, I have been less than impressed by the first 4 movies. I shall be there on opening weekend.


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