DVD Review: Ninja Assassin

File this under "So Bad it's Good."
Sometimes we come across a movie that's so ridiculous that you can't help but have a good time while viewing it. You watch numerous characters make cliched mistakes, speak as if they were reading from poorly written teleprompters, and have extraordinary things happen to them, all while being littered with plot holes. When a film does this, and doesn't take itself seriously, it begins to be fun instead of a complete bomb. Ninja Assassin is a perfect example of this.

Raizo (Korean Pop Star Rain) was raised to be a lethal weapon. After his girlfriend is killed, he turns his back on the family that took him in and now seeks revenge. With the aid of Mika, (Naomie Harris) Raizo must fight hundreds of Ninjas before they kill him first.

Here's a few things I learned from this movie.

1) CGI blood looks worse than corn syrup. Every fight scene in this film had CGI blood. Now, the movie required a lot of it, but I felt like they could've at least taken a few pointers from Tarantino on how to make blood look decent on screen.

2) Some Ninjas are secretly Wolverine. ie: Ninjas can heel themselves just by moving their muscles.

3) There's never too many throwing stars, nor is a car driving down the freeway with about 20 of them stuck in the hood conspicuous at all.

4) Ninjas love to whisper. 

5) Mika's heart is special. By special I mean it's on the wrong side of her chest.

Was this movie completely ridiculous and over the top? Hell yes it was. Despite it's many, many flaws, I still got a kick out of it. Perhaps the film makers didn't intend for me to be laughing throughout, but at least I enjoyed myself.

Recommended: Yes (for laughs, of course)

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "Just because I was sleeping, doesn't mean I can't hear you." - Raizo (Rain)


  1. What should I say about this movie.I have mixed thought for the movie.Some scenes are very unrealistic while other are good.Still I want to say I don't like the movie.Its not my kind of movie.


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