My Top 10 Films of 2011

 A few films that I really wanted to see, but haven't gotten the chance yet are: We Need To Talk About Kevin, Pariah, My Week With Marilyn, Take Shelter, and Shame.

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
 - Were you surprised this was at the top of my list? You shouldn't be. Actually after numbers 1 and 2 this list is in no particular order. I love Harry Potter, and it's quite sad to think that I don't have anything HP related to look forward too ever again. I love having HP fever, and all the build up before standing in a long line for the midnight showing. Even though there were a few gripes I had about the film, it was still good overall and ended on a great note for the series. I still hate Steve Kloves. Horrible fucking screen writer...

2) 50/50 - This film had the perfect balance between drama and comedy, which is a tremendous feat for a movie about cancer. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a fantastic lead and the story was great.

3) Martha Marcy May Marlene - Elizabeth Olsen was fantastic in her breakout role. The ending isn't for everyone, but I loved all the possibilities it had. Olsen being left out of the SAGs and Globes is tragic.

4) The Decendants - Great story, Clooney and Woodley stole the show.

5) Drive - Loved Gosling in this. I was surprised how violent it was, but it didn't feel exploitative. Really a great movie.

6) The Help - Fantastic ensemble, and I almost cried about 10 different times.

7) Hesher - Another JGL vehicle, although little seen. I liked this film's "fuck you" attitude.
8) Hanna - Soairse Ronan is a little bad ass. I was really hoping she'd get a Globe nomination (Maybe there's still a chance for a BAFTA?) The soundtrack was killer as well.

9) Super - This movie owned Kick Ass on so many different levels. It was hilarious, then got serious at the end. I thought the final note was a bit far fetched (even for this movie) but it was overall a great watch.

10) Our Idiot Brother - This is certainly my favorite comedy of the year. I loved the story and all the characters. I just wanted to give Paul Rudd a big hug.

Honorable mention: Captain America, Red State, Horrible Bosses. Super 8. Moneyball.

The 5 worst. (Note: I'm sure there were way more horrible movies than these, but I chose not to see them. Sorry, Jack and Jill)

1) Melancholia - Lars Von Trier, your directing blows. Way to waste a talented cast.

2) Tree of Life - Terrence Malick, did you forget you were making a movie and not putting together a power point? I'm frustrated with how great your movie would've been had you not allowed one of the most God-awful editing job in recent history.

3) In Time - This movie was so fucking bad.

4) Soul Surfer - The bravery of Bethany Hamilton deserves better than this melodramatic piece of crap.

5) Mr Popper's Penguins - This was so bad I refused to write a review on it. That's sad, because I love to bitch about bad movies I've been forced to see.


  1. Great choice for the number one, I'll be missing Harry Potter too... I didn't like the end scene though, it seemed better in the book.
    I loved Melancholia and The Tree of Life, these two surely made room for discussion... some loved them, other hated them.

    Most of the really good 2011-films release in the next 1-2 months here in Germany, so I haven't seen many of them yet. However, The Help and Hanna are surely two favorites already!

  2. Happy to see Drive, 50/50 and Hesher on your list. I think Hesher was one of this year's more underrated films for sure. Nice job!

  3. lol! i LOVE that tree of life is on your worst list (it would make my worst list too). i haven't seen some of these, but Hanna and Drive would make my cut too. i like the diversity of this list.

  4. Pretty great list with some unconventional picks. I appreciate that. We overlapped in a few areas. Here's mine:



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