5 Timeless Classics...That I Hate.

This is what happens when you're bored..

1) The Sound of Music:

Julie Andrews has a beautiful voice, but after having to sing all of those songs for a elementary school program has made me appreciate it less. Sixteen Going on Seventeen is probably one of the WORST songs ever written for a film. (Or book?) It makes What Would Brian Boitano Do sound like a masterpiece.

2) Gone With The Wind:

Frankly, my dear, this movie is so damn boring! Scarlett O'Hara is completely unlikable - some unlikable characters in movies are at least fun to watch. Not her.

3) Bed knobs and Broomsticks:

This sparked a debate on the greatest magical movies of all time (I say Harry Potter) There was too much going on in this movie and none of it was interesting.

4) Dances With Wolves:

Never mind the fact that Kevin Costner can't act, this movie actually beat Goodfellas for Best Picture. GOODFELLAS! Fail, Academy. Fail.

5) Field of Dreams:

Guess who's not a Costner fan?  I babysat a neighbor for one summer and he would watch this movie every day. It easily made it's way on my mental list of "Most Overrated Movies of All Time."


  1. you had me until you said field of drams and bed knobs and broomsticks! the rest i'm totally with you on! :)


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